6 essential plugins for your wordpress powered website

WordPress, the most popular CMS, harnesses the power of its add-ons or plugins to give users a user-friendly and smooth blogging experience. Apart from blogging, you may also use this platform to set up your own content (for commercial purpose) website or a custom e-cart. After all, it is an OpenSource tool which thus allows you to use it and play with it in any manner you so desire.

Nevertheless, the immense collection of plugins on the Internet is what clearly distinguishes the prominence of WordPress from its competitors. Plugins are what that adds dynamic features to your site thereby empowering you to perform a remarkable number of feats such as beautifying your blog with elegant galleries or slides, automating your comment moderation, scheduling your backups, adding bookmarks, etc.

With that said, it can be fairly difficult to find the right plugin for your site since there are hundreds of thousands of plugins out there and the numbers are still growing. To save you the trouble of sifting through such a huge heap of plugins, I’ve combined a list of WP plugins that will not only add smooth functionality to your site but also make your work a lot easier than you can ever imagine.

W3 Total Cache


When it comes to setting up a site, our main concern shifts to its performance. A good site should load up pages quick and give users fast surfing experience. Therefore, I’ve mentioned W3 Total Cache as the first most important plugin in my list. Trusted by prominent portals like Mashable, CSS-Tricks, etc. the plugin offers an efficient Web Performance Optimization feature that allows you to speed up the load time of your site through a number of techniques like caching browser or pages, reducing download times, compressing pages and caching them on CDN (Content Delivery Network) and more.

BackWPup Free


Moving on to our second concern, site backup, it is important that we must have a powerful tool at our disposal that can help us save and back up our data should a problem occur on our server. Here, BackWPup Free comes into play giving users the ability to store their WP installation or the Data whenever they want. The best feat of this plugin is that it allows you to save your data directly on cloud backup services like DropBox, RackSpace, Amazon S3, etc. The plugin offers a complete backup solution to every WP user.

iThemes Security


Ensuring the security level of your site is critically important to fend off manual or automated exploits, bots, user-agents, threats, hacking attempts, etc. That is the reason why you must need a highly-effective security plugin like iThemes Security, formerly known as Better WP Security. The plugin is like heaven’s gift to WP users since it is fully loaded with a plethora of security tools. The plugin scans your site and help you identify and fix all the loopholes and vulnerabilities of your site thereby making it as secure as a Swift Bank Vault.



Ever since the dramatic boom in the digital market, spamming has reinforced its roots and become more prevalent than ever. To keep this nuisance at bay, you need an anti-spam tool to keep your site Spam-Free and one of the best anti-spam tools is Akismet. The plugin has been around since 2005 and to date it has helped over millions of blogs to fight spam. Possessing a huge database of flagged IPs and IDs, the plugin automatically detects spammy comments and trackbacks with little to no supervision at all. The detected comments are directly sent to the spam comments category that users can later review.

WordPress SEO by Yoast


It is perhaps a complete SEO package for all those who know the importance of Search Engine Optimization. From A to Z, it has got every SEO tool you need such as XML sitemap, RSS feed, permalink optimization, custom Meta tags and best of all complete access to Robots.txt and .htaccess.

Disqus Comment System


Offering your visitors a healthy and active commenting environment is essential for a huge readership and thus user engagement. To achieve that goal, you must include Disqus comment system in your WP plugin bucket. The plugin not only provides you with a moderate comment system but also it connects your blog with its huge community of active bloggers and readers thereby giving your blog more exposure than you can get manually.

Although you may find a huge number of other plugins from different sources, remember that excessive use of plugins can seriously affect the performance of your site. Hence, limit the number of plugins you use for your WP site.

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