Web Design Guide: How to Improve eCommerce Website’s Conversion Rate

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eCommerce is a wide platform where you can sell your products and services online to your potential web customers in the most effective and efficient manner. Whether you are a business owner or a small retailer, you can generate higher revenues by launching a full-fledged online store using the most popular eCommerce development platform.


Magento: A great CMS platform to Create a professional looking web Store

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce development tools that allows you to create feature-rich online stores for your businesses with ease. It comes packaged with a whole gamut of tools, themes, and extensions to let you develop your eCommerce site the way you want. Plus, you will get thousands of out-of-the-box features and functionalities to let you customize your store according to your business needs.


A reason behind low conversion rate

While there are thousands of extensions available on Magento to extend the functionality of your e-store, you may find difficulties in getting more quality leads as well as conversions for your business. It’s quite difficult to determine the precise reason for site abandonment, but a poor design of an e-store could be one of the key reasons for this.

No matter how many features you incorporate into your site, it the design is not appealing or user-centric, you won’t encourage people to visit your site. A poor and inconsistent web design could increase the bounce rate and reduce the conversion of your site.


How to Improve the Conversion Rate of an eCommerce site?

To improve the conversion rate of your web store, you’ll need to strive more on creating a user-friendly web design. An aesthetically appealing online store can drive more web visitors and encourage them to buy something from your e-store. Also, ensure that you add unique, quality and relevant content on your product pages – this will help you get more visibility on the web.


Apart from this, give your visitors a personalized experience whenever they visit your store for making the online purchase. Also, streamline simplified checkout process to make their job easier. Well, there are many other web design tricks that we will discuss in this blog post to help you get higher conversions for your Magento e-store.

Below is the list of few web design tips that will improve your conversions and help you get maximum revenues for your e-store.

Let’s get started!

1. Use a simple, clean, consistent, and responsive web design

Regardless of the fact that what you are selling online, just make sure you keep the design of your web store simple, clean, and consistent. Most of the people abandon a web store due to a complicated web design. This means you’ll need to focus on creating a simple and clean eCommerce web design for your web business.

Instead of adding too many features, use relevant and effective elements to your site – this will give seamless shopping experience to your web visitors, which in turn, boost your online sales.

Also, make sure you use responsive design to make your e-store compatible for different devices, mobile platforms, and screen sizes. Give your mobile customers a rich and hassle-free shopping experience on their mobile devices – this will lead to increased conversion rate.


2. Simply navigation structure

Running a giant eCommerce store with tons of different products is not an easy job. Being an online store designer, you should keep the categories and subcategories of all the products in a well-structured way. By creating simple and user-friendly navigation system, you can encourage web visitors to browse your different product pages without any confusion.

Instead of stuffing hundreds and thousands of products in a list and menus together, create a well-structured navigation menu on your site. Make sure you use drop down menus to give rich navigating experience to your potential web visitors.

A simple navigation functionality encourages web visitors to browse other pages of your site, which is also boost the conversion rate and maximize your sales. Below are some tips to help you simplify your navigation structure:

  • Add a set of product category labels (a single word that represents a wide range of products)
  • List and re-list product categories from general to the specific requirements
  • Create clickable top-level navigation
  • Keep the navigation design consistent on all pages of your web store.


3. Create clear and visible CTA buttons

If you are running an eCommerce site, then you can’t overlook the importance of Call-to-Action buttons. It is a great way to convert your web visitors into potential customers and subscribers. By adding clean, simple, and visible CTA buttons such as ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’, you can take your conversions to the next level.

Incorporating captivating and appealing CTA’s can entice people to take an action instantly to make online purchase from your e-store. Since there are different types of CTA’s available on the web market, make sure you choose the best solution for your web business. We bring you some of the effective call to action’s that will help you engage more customers:


(a) Ask questions via CTA’s

Add a call-to-action button at the end of your blog posts to ask the question related to your post. Invite more people to comment on your content and become a part of it.

(b) Add simple buttons

If you want to keep the things sorted, use simple and clear CTA buttons on your web store. Keep the design simple and consistent as this will help your visitors to get rich browsing experience.

(c) Banner CTA’s

Create banner CTAs using stimulating text and visually appealing design to spread the information related to discounts and other special offers running on your site.

(d) Sidebar CTAs

If you want to display your CTA buttons to everyone (who visits your site), then you can place them in your sidebar.

4. Add high-quality Product Images

Whether you have the small web store or a large one, you can’t compromise with the quality of your product images. They are the one that encourages people to make buying decision instantly. So, make sure you use authentic, quality and relevant images of your products to stimulate your potential web customers.

You can add at least five photos of each of your products with different angles on your eCommerce site. This will help visitors to see the desired product from different angles so that can make the buying decision quickly. Be sure the images are authentic and relevant to your actual products.


5. Simplify your checkout process

According to the study, around 27% of US web customers have abandoned an online store in the middle because of a complicated or time-consuming checkout process.

This means a complex checkout process can drastically reduce the conversion rate of your web store, which in turn, affect your online sales as well.

In order to generate higher conversions, you’ll need to focus on creating simple, user-friendly and clean one-page checkout for your eCommerce store. There are multiple ways of designing a simple and clear checkout process such as:

  • Allow your customers to checkout without having to log in or sign up into your site – this simplifies the navigation as well.
  • Delete unnecessary step(s) from your checkout process or make them optional to let customers complete their purchase journey faster. This will also boost the shopping experience on your e-store.
  • Let your customers to easily modify their products/orders.
  • Don’t forget to add ‘Back’ button on your checkout page.
  • Keep the interface of your checkout process simple and intuitive. Remove the unnecessary elements such as latest offers, product category links, and other discount offers from your checkout page. Just keep the design simple and clean.
  • Set an expectation delivery date of products (web customers purchased from your store).
  • After the completion of a checkout process, send them a confirmation email with a ‘Thank You’ message.

Note: These tips will definitely reduce the abandonment rate on your eCommerce store and give your web customers a reason to make buying decision instantly.


6. Incorporate a user-friendly search function

If you want to offer a quick and seamless browsing experience, add a visible and user-friendly search bar/function on your web store. This will help your customers find the desired products instantly – they just need to type the name of the product or an item in the search bar to get the desired results.

Most of the popular eCommerce giants such as Amazon and eBay drive higher sales because of simple and intriguing search bar functionality. You can also make achieve it by trailing the following tips:

  • Make sure your search bar is visible on your web store. Keep it at the top of your web page/landing page.
  • Create a large search bar to fit all the big queries easily.
  • Since time is money, make sure your search functionality is fast enough to display the desired results in a matter of few seconds. You can do this by incorporating a bigger server, extending the disk space, or by selecting a reliable cloud-based hosted search to render instant results.
  • Let web customers search within a specific department to boost their browsing experience.
  • Don’t forget to use Auto-completion in your search bar. This will help customers discover the search team they are looking for, without any interference of spelling mistake. This also generate opportunities for branding and merchandising.
  • Add product images in your search results page to let the customers find the desired item quickly.
  • Embed inviting text in your search bar to stimulate searches.
  • Add a search bar on each page of your web store. This would make it easy for customers to get back to the product search anytime.
  • Ensure your search results are accurate.


7. Give Personalized User Experience

Personalization is beyond offering a welcoming experience to each web visitor (who visits your site in real-time). You can customize the experience of your web visitors as per their own preferences and interests. By offering them the products that they have already browsed can lead towards a higher conversion.

You can collect their previous purchases on your store or track the browsing history of a new web visitor to give them a personalized experience on your site. In fact, most of the online shoppers prefer personalized shopping experience while making an online purchase.

So, make sure you give them the desired results they are looking for by using the following tips:

(a) Pick the right type of personalization

The evolution of personalization has given new opportunities to store owners to give rich and tailor-made shopping experiences based on real-time customer behavior, preferences, taste, and of course, customer data. To make your job easier, we bring you the two main types of personalization:

  • Prescriptive: Also known as rule-based method, under which, content is displayed to diverse visitor segments based on their recent activities, clicking behavior, browsing history and so on.
  • Adaptive: This is an automated personalization process that keeps on modifying their rules for each web visitor who comes on your site in real-time.

(b) Gather web visitor’s information

Make sure you track, gather, and analyze a huge amount of information related to user’s previous browsing history, real-time behaviors, and recent activities. Well, there are two different types of data collection:

  • Explicit Data Collection Method: Under this, you’ll need to collect data from your real-time visitors that determines their interest, taste, and preferences. You can ask questions such as ‘rate a product on a sliding scale’ or let them create a list of products that they like, etc.
  • Implicit Data Collection Method: Under this, human computer interaction is utilized to deliver the personalized content to the visitor. It simply tracks the behavior of a visitor before presenting them the customized content on a home page.

(c) Create personalized loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are an incredible way to stimulate the customer to make a purchase over and over again on your web store. You can hire a reliable agency such as Sweet Tooth Rewards to create personalized and intriguing loyalty programs for your site. They can help you create programs like:

  • Rewarding Customer Actions
  • Rewarding purchases
  • Give incentives on repeat purchases

8. Your Shopping Cart should be visible

A shopping cart is one of the most crucial parts on eCommerce sites. A web visitor adds the selected items on the cart to simplify their future purchases. So, make sure your shopping cart icon is placed in the most accessible place from where a customer can see and instantly add their selected product.

This will not only improve their shopping experience but also encourage them to come on your site and buy their reserved products, without even re-thinking.


These are the eight most compelling web design tips that will take the conversion rate of your eCommerce site to the next level with ease.

You just need to trail these tactics and give your real-time web customers a rich shopping experience to drive more web traffic, generate higher conversions as well as online sales.


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