10 WordPress Plugins You Should Install in 2016

WordPress has everything for all as a powerful CMS on the planet. It can address requirements of seasoned web developers with intricate and significant scale needs as well as it can satisfy beginners or just its power users with adequate tech-savvy approaches.

Secret behind is its extensions, myriads of plugins that can extend its features and functionality without doing anything in core source or at the coding part.

WordPress has a vast developer community, which is constantly trying to improve the performance of platform and keep it compatible as well as competitive in the market.

WordPress community is adding highly useful and usable extensions in the repository to accomplish various functions in simple and intuitive ways. Therefore, adding WordPress plugins for sure success is an essentiality today for any scale of WordPress user, so we have tried to give a comprehensive list of such essential plugins for all.

It is interesting that to install a WordPress plugin, users or developers need not do any coding, just powerful admin panel in the backend is enough to do on behalf of you.

You can run a search for the plugin and select the most suitable one. Simple installation button triggers installation process behind the curtain, and you can find plugin installed in the plugin menu of WordPress dashboard.

Of course, plugin compatibility is depending on the selection of WordPress theme and its customization capability. Moreover, plugins can slow down the site to some extent, so it is better you keep numbers in a limit and check site performance frequently after each addition of plugin.

10: WordPress SEO by Yoast

We are aware of the significance of SEO in modern age web marketing. Therefore, WordPress is SEO friendly platform and support SEO from designing to coding.

However, it is practically unfeasible to open code editor for miscellaneous SEO Metadata entry such as Title, Description, Keywords, Robot tags, and entry of Taxonomies. Therefore, we need a module in the backend that can help us to do so with easy and comprehensive user interface.

It is SEO plugin, which provides all in a single module. WordPress SEO by Yoast is offering a complete set of SEO tools in a single module. Thus, you can check the entry of your Meta Data in the exact format that Google shows in its snippet.


  • You can obtain verified Google Authorship for your WordPress website
  • It creates XML sitemap that is capable of supporting images too and notify search engines automatically for updates of content on website pages
  • It facilitates to do advanced configuration including adding, modifying, removing page, post, post type, or taxonomy
  • Social media integration lets you check title, description, and image for Facebook and other sites using Meta Data for OpenGraph and other services

9: Jetpack

You can supercharge your site with numerous functionality in a single package. In reality, it is a combo of several plugins such as

  • Site traffic insights
  • Site security
  • Optimization
  • User engagement
  • Social sharing
  • Contact form
  • CDN services
  • Email subscription form
  • Centralized management

8: W3 Total Cache

It is a WordPress Performance Optimization (WPO) framework particularly designed to enhance UX and page speed. Technically, it increases server performance and depletes page download time as well as offers CDN integration.

For newbies, it is tough to configure it correctly, but if done well, it makes significant differences in the site performance. The alternative plugin is WP Super Cache.

7: WP Forms

Forms of different types are essentiality of the modern websites. For instance, each site needs a contact form for Contact Us page. Other form requirements are

  • Contact form
  • Email subscription forms
  • Order forms
  • Payment forms
  • Moreover, many other interactive forms

WP Forms plugin offers drag-and-drop interface to build any kind of form with few clicks instead of indulging into coding. Its pro version offers advanced features and functionality to achieve online marketing aims.

6: Google Analytics

Have you ever experienced Google Analytics code integration into your site? Have you enabled your GA account? It is daunting and developer side process with full error potentials.

Therefore, you require straightforward plugin to accomplish it all with a few steps and more features such as

  • Options to track and not track particular user roles
  • Support for classic, universal, and ecommerce codes
  • With full dashboard widget
  • With Goal & Link tracking options
  • Options to work on tags and ecommerce funnel setup with additional tracking code

Of course, Clicky by Yoast is giving the same features, but GA is more advanced and more popular.

10 WordPress Plugins You Should Install in 2016

5: iThemes Security

Security issues toll much on the web and WordPress sites are not in an exception. Therefore, you should be careful and install this plugin. It offers more than 30 ways to secure your site. For instance,

  • You can ban IP address and hosts
  • You can keep helpful security logs
  • You can scan files whenever changes have taken place and regularly run malware scanning
  • It has built-in brute force protection
  • Error detection capability
  • Database backup provision
  • Strong authentication mechanism

#4: SumoMe

Email marketing is essentiality for any business due to its higher conversion rate against other techniques of the Internet marketing. In due course, list-building exercise should do on your site within your contexts to collect a quality audience.

Moreover, it has awesome features including

  • List Builder: To add lightbox popups without affecting user experiences
  • Scroll Box: It displays opt-in form as site visitors scroll down the page, and you can fix the place where it should emerge and disappear
  • Smart Bar: To collect email list by issuing notification on the top or bottom of web page with relevant content in right contexts
  • Welcome Mat: Issue full-screen popup window to welcome visitors and assure conversion at last

3: WP-Optimize

It is a nice plugin to optimize WordPress site and database in particular. It cleans up unwanted elements such as

  • Auto drafts
  • Stale comments
  • Unapproved and spam comments
  • Other unwanted things in database

Thus, it enhances the overall performance of WordPress site

2: My WP Backup Pro

Website failure and crashes are common on the web, so you need to protect your WordPress site and its database with robust and secure backup. It has easy to use a drag-and-drop interface to make settings for your site backup.

It supports various mode and options for backup including

  • FTP
  • Email
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon S3/Glacier

Thus, you can secure your data and site code as per your needs and wishes.

1: Akismet/Disqus

Despite several attempts by Google and others, spamming through comments are still problems caused by SEO professionals without proficiency. Moreover, hackers use the comment box to enter database and site code indirectly.

A heap of comments is tough to manage and drain server resources. Therefore, Akismet, as a native WordPress comment blocker and filter help you moderate them rapidly and efficiently.

Its outstanding features are

  • Check comments and remove spams
  • Edit more than 50K comments in bulk with automated ways
  • Reveals hidden links and assists to spot the spam
  • Gives monthly snapshot of statistical reports



There are plenty of useful plugins available in WordPress repository, but not all are applicable in all circumstances. It depends on the nature of your WordPress site and functions you want to accomplish with it.

However, we can list some common plugins such as for SEO optimization, site security, performance, and analytics can appeal a broad audience in the WordPress community.

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