Make sure that your website looks perfect: color mistakes TO AVOID

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Nowadays, there is a great variety of different monitors, which can display more than 16 million colors and shades. That is why you should carefully think your design over to please all your future clients. It is not a secret, that there is a big number of solutions for web-designers and website owners: the famous color wheel, shades theory, and pre-made tone combination palettes. All these ways can give you an opportunity to choose an appropriate gamma and mix it in a proper way.

According to the well-known statistics, most people are visual, so they will judge your website by its design, and the first thing they will notice will be a color scheme. Your information blocks, buttons, and logo should be eye-catching to attract your viewers’ attention and make them visit your website again and again. Of course, you could use classic natural tones and elegant black-and-white themes, but it is better to follow modern tendencies and create an up-to-date and stylish design. For example, you could look through the ready-made WordPress themes in our shop and get inspired, or even use the one you like for your future website. Besides, you have a chance to create any of your online projects, and choose the suitable WordPress themes at TemplateMonster.

Surely, there are perfect color groups and schemes on the Internet, but to create your individual website on your own, you should learn the main mistakes to avoid. It’s very important, as your web-design is the ‘face’ of your project, and it should look perfect. Also, the correct color choice can make a great influence on your clients’ behavior and your ranking. Not to mention, that some search engines include the website’s design into their ranking criteria. So, we have prepared the worst designs and fatal combinations for this list to warn you! Such experiments can quickly send down your website’s popularity and the success of your business on the Web. Remember them to avoid such color mistakes and built a flourishing career online.

Now let’s check a few fun practical examples to make the theory more entertaining.

Greenish, whitish and yellowish tones + green background

It’s well known, that green color is considered to be calm and harmonic, but using bright greenish background and colorful elements you can make a really disastrous web-design. Of course, there are good examples of this combination, but even professional designers can make a creepy web-design with unreadable text.

As you can see, blue, red, pink and purple can also make your website look dreadful. Obviously, these colors are too strong, and green background is too bright. Your clients will pay attention to a website’s inaccurate look, and they won’t even notice “Buy” or “Contact” buttons. As a result, your business will go to wrack.

Light background + light objects

As can be seen, such combinations can make a website awful and a text unreadable. Moreover, your customers won’t be able to use it, because all elements will look blended. If you want to achieve success, you should make your page eye-catching and visually attractive in order to get more visitors. It should look clear and user-friendly. In this case, you need to add contrast elements and build a simple and clean web-design with a harmonious background. The most important things should stand out and be understandable.


Too bright colors

Here you can see the worst bright website example. It looks excessive and too flashy. It’s obvious, that your text will be almost unrecognizable and your page will look comiс. Besides, it will distract your clients’ attention and make them think about this catastrophic design, but not about your project. Whether you use 2 or 20 bright colors at the same time, it will still look awful. It is much better to choose soft and classic colors coupled with bright elements. This way you will be able to create a visually appealing website and make the most important things noticeable. Also, you should remember to make the same color palette for all your additional pages, in order to make people understand that they are looking through the same website.

Multicolored texts + bright textured backgrounds

Each professional designer knows, that a background should make your main elements noticeable and emphasize their importance. It shouldn’t distract viewers’ attention from your content. That is why you should avoid mixing neon tones and colorful texts. That looks ugly and can easily irritate your clients. All people have their own thoughts about ‘esthetics’, but in this case, no one will visit your web-page once again. Besides, you should choose the right structure, that corresponds to the type and purpose of your website.

Vibrant tones + black background

As you can see, black background makes all other tones look even brighter, than they are. Many people think, that black can be mixed with any color, but it can be a disastrous mistake. So, if you want to use black, try to make it stylish and elegant. Bright tones and multicolored texts will look weird and tawdry. Besides, neon colors are too strong and they will definitely complicate your content’s readability.

Be careful – blue background!

As shown above, choosing bright backgrounds can be a bad decision. At the example you can see, that blue background looks too strong with any other colors. Besides, it will make your eyes tired, and the text will be difficult to read. Also, it can remind your clients of ‘blue screen of death’, so it will make a negative first impression. No one likes unexpected ‘blue screens’, and you will definitely scare your customers.

Too many colors on one page

And the last color mistake from this list – too many colors used. Even if these shades are soft and delicate, it is better to choose three basic tones and create an elegant combination. It is an open secret, that too much is bad in any case. Too many colors will definitely annoy and irritate your clients. In the same fashion, you should avoid blinking and sparkling details, flashy gif-animations, and enormously big bright advertisements. All these features will scare your visitors and draw their attention to unnecessary things.

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