How Magento2 Will Be A Profitable Choice for an E-Commerce Site

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With the flourishing online businesses and web technologies, Magento has got a great success as an e-commerce platform. This open source platform has provided us great convenience for handling our online stores.

You might have heard about the upcoming version of Magento – Magento2.  This news was initiated 4 years back in 2010 and the engineers are working on Magento2, and now it is starting to shape up.

If you are a Magento fan, developer, store owner or someone who is interested in e-commerce, you might be keen to know that what changes will Magento2 will bring and how it can make the designing and developing of an e-commerce site a breeze?

We are really looking forward to the exciting changes that its improved features can facilitate. Let’s have a look at some of them.


1. Better performance with its improved Magento UI Library

Now, with Magento2, you will be able to create a desirable website in a much easier, faster and effective way.

  • Fast and easily accessible: For any website and specially for e-stores, it is quite important to have a fast and easily accessible platform. A site performance should not be hampered by the number products available in that store. And, Magento2 will offer a faster platform, thus, it would be a great platform for creating an online store.
  • Responsive design – default feature: We know, that the current market trends include simple and informative content, and responsive design. With responsive design, your application or website can be perfectly accessed from different devices.

Magento2 will offer responsive design as a default feature. So, now you don’t have to modify the design, in order to target a wider group of audience.

  • Target people with disabilities: I came across a post, published in that states guidelines for web content accessibility. These guidelines help make the content accessible to a wide range of people, who have disabilities like blindness, deafness, cognitive limitation, speech disability, etc.

Magento2 will also follow these guidelines and make the website accessible by both people with or without disabilities.


2. Update with great convenience using Mixins

With fluctuating market trends, it’s quite imperative to keep the website updated with fresh content, design and layouts.

Unlike, Magento that allows users to create and update a website, but in a bit cumbersome way, Magento2 will allow you to easily accomplish the job with Mixins. And this is possible because Mixins facilitate changes by updating few appropriate library items instead of directly modifying hundreds of CSS lines.

Thus, it allows you to easily update a new look and feel to the e-store. You can use Mixins to lend a desirable classy appeal to your website.


3. Visual Design Editor makes the task more convenient

The task of editing the design of blocks and pages is quite complex in Magento. And, Mageto2 aims to facilitate users to easily perform editing by using drag and drop interface, itself on Magento window.


4. Better with themes

Magento2 will not store the theme files in 2 different directory but will keep them in one directory and thus, reduces the confusion for new developers. It also provides improved theme inheritance with multilevel inheritance.


5. Support latest browsers

Magento will support latest browsers since, they will provide out of the box “Responsive design” as a default feature. And we know that, websites that are created with responsive design are required to support some latest versions of browser.


Wrapping Up

The promising features of Magento2 has already gathered a lot of attention.  We are eager to implement its amazing features for creating a better e-commerce site with breeze. We have lots of expectation from this upcoming version; its release date is not announced yet, but it is suppose be released in 2015.


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