5 Ways to Make Your Business Known in New York

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Starting and running your own business in a giant market like New York City can seem like a difficult, if not altogether impossible, endeavor. However, a few simple tricks of the marketing and advertising trade can take your business from a small fish in a big pond to a thriving and popular company in no time.

#1: Get to Know Your Customer Base

Before you can begin to advertise your business, you must first establish your target audience. Depending on the product or service you provide, your customer case can vary to an incredible degree, so figuring out who would most benefit from or want what your company provides is essential to developing your advertising strategy.

Here are some considerations you might take into account when establishing your target customer base:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Children (and the age of their children)
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Level of education
  • Political leanings
  • Occupation

By focusing on the demographic that is most likely to be interested in your goods or service, you not only clarify your company’s purpose but also provide yourself with valuable insight on the types of advertising strategies you should use. This in turn will result in better returns on your efforts down the line.

#2: …and Yourself!

Once you have determined the demographics most likely to be your primary customer base, take a good hard look at your business and ask yourself, “What makes me stand out?” Do some research into other New York businesses that provide the same or similar goods and services as yours. Figure out what it is about your company that would make a customer choose your product over that of another business. Consider what your particular audience will find most important in your product, be it local craftsmanship, speed of delivery, price, or customer service. You may even brainstorm some new angles to make your business really stand out. 

#3: Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing 

Beginning to market and advertise your business online via various social media platforms is a great starting point for many small businesses. One advantage of social media marketing is that there are numerous sites through which you can promote your business, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. You can also get a lot of bang for your buck using online marketing strategies, as many social media platforms offer relatively cheap (and sometimes free!) options for getting the word out about your company. Plus, you can begin to spread the news through friends and contacts with whom you already share a digital connection, who can in turn share information within their own online communities.

#4: Get Involved in Local Events

New York City offers a wealth of advertising opportunities in the way of in-person events, such as street fairs, festivals, performances, sporting events, and so many more. You can get your business involved in local activities in any number of ways. Passing out flyers or coupons can help raise awareness of your brand, or you may opt to gain recognition as a sponsor by offering some financial support to a local team, charity, or organization. You can set up a booth or table with information on your product and, if applicable, samples for attendees to try. Being there in person allows you to directly answer any questions that come up, and it may offer you some additional insight into what clients are looking for in a business such as yours.

A presence at in-person events helps put a face with the name of your business and allows you to connect directly with potential customers, a tactic that is very helpful in building brand loyalty and future word-of-mouth advertising.

#5: Catch Their Attention with a Billboard

A fantastic approach to marketing your business in New York City is the use of billboards. New York billboards will absolutely increase your business’s visibility and result in increased sales. With the amount of foot, car, and bus traffic on the New York City streets every day (and night!), your business will be seen by countless potential customers, residents and tourists alike. Plus, there is nothing quite like seeing your company’s name in big, bold billboard letters to bolster your pride and confidence.

Build Your Brand and Your Profits

A company’s brand reflects its personality, and ultimately, all of those decisions that build your brand are up to you. Your marketing and advertising style says a lot about who your company is. With these suggestions, you can find the strategies that best reflect your business and make you a known New York City name.

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