8 Essential WordPress Skills To Manage Website Like A Pro

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The modern world has gone digital, which is why everyone wants to join the digital bandwagon. After all, this is one of the best ways to reach out to more people and connect with them. Thanks to the evolution of WordPress, designing a website is definitely not as tough as it used to be earlier. In fact, with the wide range of plugins and customization options that WordPress offers, you can easily set up your website without any professional help.

However, once your website has been set up and you start managing it, you may come across minor hitches that would require immediate resolution. Thus, in order to manage your website like a pro, you do need have some basic WordPress skills.

Here is a list some of the important skills that will help you to wade through minor website hitches without expert support.

HTML Codes

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It denotes the basic foundation of any website and helps you in understanding how the site has been designed. Thus, as a WordPress manager, you would definitely need to know a bit of HTML. You may think that using editors like CMS and WYSIWYG would be more than enough to manage your website. However, the knowledge of HTML would give you a clear idea about the way your website functions. This would definitely make it easier for you to manage the site, and fix the errors and that too without using the editors.

CSS Style Sheets

The appearance of a website is based on its CSS coding. As a website manager, you may feel that the knowledge of CSS may not be important. But the truth is that this might come in handy when you come across certain WordPress theme errors. If you have the basic knowledge of CSS, you would be easily able to resolve the issue by yourself without vying for any professional support.

JavaScript Basics

JavaScript is the primary language in which the interactive elements of a website are defined. Thus, it would be a great idea if you learnt this computer language. This will actually help you in understanding how JavaScript codes are collated with HTML and CSS codes to form a layered WordPress website design. Though this is mainly required for web designing, a basic knowledge of this would help you to resolve minor errors quickly.

PHP Coding

These days, a lot of programming languages are used to build a website. These include Java, Perl, ASP etc. However, PHP continues to be the most popular choice, which is why a little knowledge of PHP can go a long way in helping you to resolve any WordPress errors that may arise while you manage the website.

SEO Optimization

SEO optimization plays a key role in driving traffic to any website. A good SEO on a website ensures that it ranks high on the search engine listing and would thus get more visitors. Though you may have hired SEO experts to complete the work, a little knowledge of SEO would help you to understand how the web indexes work. This would definitely help in coming up with ideas to improve the rank of the website.

Build Tools

As a website manager, there might be a few website checks that you would be conducting every day. This is definitely monotonous and even time consuming. However, using build tools can actually help you to complete the tasks quickly. Some of the important build tools that you should know about are CodeKit, Grunt, Prepros and Gulp. These build tools run in the background and check the website without hindering with its speed and functioning. Thus, learning how to design these tools and implement them would ease up your website management task.

Responsive Media Queries

Gone are the days, when a PC was the only way to access the internet. With laptops, smartphones and tablets flooding the markets, people these days can view your website from any devices. Thus, designing website templates or wordpress templates with a responsive design has become the need of the hour. For this, you need to learn media queries that will help you to understand how your websites responsive design works.

Customer Servicing

As a website manager, your customer servicing skills need to be impeccable. You should be able to handle customer queries and resolve them in an efficient and effective way. Quick resolution of problems will build the customers’ trust in your website and encourage them to recommend it to others too.

With these WordPress skills, you would not need any expert help to manage your website. Rather you can manage it yourself and that too like a pro.

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