Best of 15 HTML Tutorials for Web Development Students to Learn HTML

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Those who think that HTML is tough to learn, they should change their minds now. HTML is extremely an easy language not only to understand but also to implement it quickly. If you as a student want to improve your skills in web development, then you should soon gain knowledge of HTML. The information revolving around HTML is spread across the web; so those who are enthusiastic can surely learn for free about the basic HTML.

Well there are many elegantly designed websites that focus mainly on the new web language version, that is HTML5, which is the same language but much more progressive for supporting the better-quality appearance of web pages as well as quick browsing.

Here we’ve come up with 15 best HTML tutorials for the web development students so that they can learn HTML easily.

  1. Code Academy

Code Academy is considered as an education company which offers free interactive programming classes on HTML in detail. You have to sign in with a particular account for free. The other distinct topics that are also covered include JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby as these resources are also free.

  1. Shay Howe’s ‘A Practical Guide to HTML’

This tutorial is a very easy and wide-ranging guide book contributed to assisting the students study about HTML that comprises of essentials. The HTML guide comprises of the general aspects of development as well as front-end creative designs. When you’ve finished learning the primary stage, you can shift to the advanced instructions. You can even learn about CSS if you want to.

  1. Code Avengers

Code Avengers is a main source of online interactive tutorials that can teach the students how to code the websites, apps, and games along with HTML in a remarkable way. You can even learn other two levels of interactive courses on JavaScript and CSS.

  1. Site Point

Since the time of late 90’s, Site Point has been popular as renowned publishing house for web development and programming. Site Point has made all its efforts to publish numerous books on HTML. They also have great store of tutorials, articles and courses on HTML, through their own private course platform named Learnable.

  1. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

W3C is reflected upon as an international community where organization members, public workers and full-time staffs execute jointly for expanding Web standards. Directed by CEO Jeffrey Jaffe and Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee, the goal of W3C is to guide the Web brilliantly and taking it to heights. W3C is the highest authority on HTML, and includes abundance of appropriate learning materials.

  1. Mozilla Webmaker

Known to be an interactive HTML toolset for the students who are the learners, Mozilla Web maker has two functional and fun tools including X-ray Goggles and Thimble. X-ray Goggles allows the students to check and modify the code on any website page they are surfing. Thimble is an ideal interactive code editor through which the students can run any code they hit upon on any tutorial on this particular page. Mozilla Webmaker even arrives with a cluster of templates that they can remix and further share too.

  1. Activejump

Activejump is an elegant wiki tutorial page for HTML. Students can rapidly navigate between distinct topics, read lessons, or grasp snippets of HTML code. They’ll achieve in-depth knowledge about the HTML coding.

  1. Channel 9

Channel 9 is regarded as a video blog which displays most recent technology trends, and also offers education sources on programming subject, and on applying Microsoft services. Channel 9’s HTML5 course includes 21-episode series which educates the essentials of HTML5.

  1. HTML5-Tutorial

HTML5-Tutorial is no additions tutorial for the pupils in HTML as well as HTML5. This tutorial comprises of all the basic study related to HTML, and even intends to offer compulsory expertise in order to expand the vital web pages, and how and when they should use HTML5.     

  1. Mozilla Developer Network

Believed as a daily basis updated wiki, the Mozilla Developer Network presents the web development articles for mainly the students. The website can be quickly navigated, and also comprises of tutorials, guides and articles on HTML. Students can have complete guidelines on HTML and progressive conception of web development.

  1. HTML Dog

The guidelines and tutorials on HTML are portrayed by HTML Dog on step-by-step process for the beginners. Students can read these guide at ease and follow them too, and further apply them in their web development processes.

  1. TutsPlus

TutsPlus is revealed as massive tutorial network along with 5K articles on the HTML activities. Most of these approach with downloaded project files.

  1. Web Platform

Being a community website, the Web Platform tries hard to be methodical and valuable source for web developer documents and other concerns. It even involves HTML tutorials, community forum and blogs that students can update themselves.

  1. Web Design Library

Web Design Library is actually a HTML tutorials, and mixture of many ranges of web design tutorials. Its’ HTML tutorial contents are quite appropriate and can be easily grasped by the students.

  1. W3resource

This is a big and most often updated tutorial wiki website. W3resource covers many effective tutorials in HTML subjects, inclusive with code snippets, for the students who have just begun to the advanced students.

    16. Bonus: SiteBeginner

Once you have the hang of HTML and you’re ready to start experimenting and building things for yourself, SiteBeginner is a great reference to help you get your first website up and running painlessly. They even have a guide to help you choose the best HTML editor for your needs.

By now you must have acquired a clear idea about the above HTML tutorials. So start executing them yourself so that you can gain better hold of them, and will also help you improve your proficiency in web development!

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