A Quick Guide to WordPress 6.0 (An Overview of New Features)

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Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. What’s New In WordPress 6.0 “Arturo”?
  • More templates with more blocks
  • Style variations
  • Various writing improvements
  • List view enhancements
  • Block locking UI
  • Changes for Developers
  • Minor changes in the user experience
  • Miscellaneous enhancements
  • Test WordPress 6.0
  1. Conclusion


On Tuesday, May 24th, 2022, WordPress released version 6.0 to the public.

This release, called “Arturo” in honor of Arturo O’Farrill, a Grammy-winning jazz musician, contains nearly a thousand fixes and upgrades that make WordPress more user- and developer-friendly. The writing process for end-users is made easier with WordPress 6.0, which ultimately improves the editing experience. In addition to that, it comes with other accessibility enhancements.

This release will incorporate all of the newly added features, improvements, and additions that were made available in the Gutenberg 12.0 and 13.0 updates. Also, WordPress developers and contributors are always adding new features and fixing bugs, both of which have a big effect on the overall user experience that WordPress offers. This corresponds to more than 400 updates, 500 bug fixes, and 91 new features all packed into a single release, which is a massive amount!

What’s New In WordPress 6.0 “Arturo”?

More templates with more blocks

New template options:

In the latest version of WordPress, there will be more options for building templates, such as those related to the author, category, date, tag, and taxonomy.

Query loop block advancements:

Along with improvements to site-wide editing, WordPress version 6.0 brings the ability to switch product categories. In addition to this, it enables filtering based on several authors.

No results in the query loop:

When adding one of such blocks, it is now possible to insert a No Results block inside of a Query Loop block.

On the other hand, you won’t be able to access the block until the query you choose produces no results.

Post author biography:

Additionally, WordPress 6.0 provides new block types that allow you to extract the author block’s components and use them independently in your content.

The Post Author Biography section contains a description of the authors (Source code).

This block is particularly handy for displaying an author’s avatar outside of the author’s info or comments blocks. For instance, you could use it on a page dedicated to all authors or a page displaying user or reader reviews.

Avatar block:

The user’s chosen representation can be shown off thanks to the Avatar block (profile photo). You have the option to display either the Avatar of a particular user or the Avatar of the person who is currently writing the post or page.

Comments block:

The Comments block is a collection of child blocks that provide you with the ability to modify the section’s layout and design from within the editor. These blocks are organized in a comment thread format.

This category contains supplementary components, such as pagination and the comment date, amongst others.

Style variations

Block theme feature

Block themes in WordPress 6.0 will have the capability of incorporating a wide variety of style presets created by a number of different block theme developers. This gives you the ability to use style shortcuts to change the design of your website while keeping it within the confines of a single theme.

It makes it possible to have multiple themes within one.

Switch between variations

The many style presets make it possible to change a wide range of variables and style parameters, such as the weight of the font and the basic color palette. It grants the capability for the theme to switch between a variety of color modes, such as dark and light.

Various writing improvements

Easily select text across blocks:

When using WordPress 5.9, it is not feasible to select text from many blocks at the same time. The block editor will frequently pick up all of the text contained within the block on its own.

Use the new link completer shortcut [[:

Using the [[ button, you can add links from the list of internal things that can be seen.

Keep styles during transforms:

The most recent version of WordPress will enable a variety of style conversions, including paragraph-to-code conversion, tag cloud-to-categories conversion, and group-to-row conversion.

Quickly customize and create new buttons:

WordPress 6 makes it easier to create new buttons with the same level of customization as current ones.

List view enhancements

Collapsed at default to display structure:

The display structure pieces can now be collapsed all the way up to the top level thanks to this brand new functionality in WordPress 6.0. Because of this change, the display will appear less overwhelming when compared to before, when you were able to view “everything” in the list.

Opens to exact location upon selection:

Even when the list view is collapsed, it will open exactly where you left off, at the block you selected.

Keyboard shortcuts to select multiple:

In the list view, you can select multiple neighboring blocks at once by using the SHIFT+Up/Down or SHIFT+Click shortcuts. You have the ability to drag and drop items while simultaneously erasing everything.

Accessibility improvements:

Accessibility will be improved in a number of different ways in WordPress 6.0. These include the addition of Alt Text, the ability to tab into a placeholder, advancements related to screen readers, accessibility updates linked to Aria, and the handling of navigation blocks and media.

Block locking UI

Limit the ability to move & remove:

You have the option to lock several aspects of the block, including its mobility and ability to be removed. It is expected that the core upgrade for WordPress will feature block locking, which will prevent direct editing.

makes visible prior technical work:

In earlier versions of WordPress, it was possible to lock the block using programming. This functionality has now been removed. Now that WordPress 6.0 has a user interface, things will be much less complicated than they were before.

Changes for developers:

WordPress 6.0 will deliver numerous new features for all levels of WordPress users. There will be a number of behind-the-scenes adjustments for developers that will aid with project management.

Although WordPress intended to incorporate the Web Fonts API in version 5.9, this functionality was delayed until version 6.0. Theme creators can now manage local fonts using PHP or a theme.json file.

In addition, Gutenberg expects that all blocks will function in widgets, but some may be incompatible with legacy widgets or shortcodes. By providing an API, you can now prohibit particular blocks from showing in widget regions.

This new version additionally supports the pluggable_get_the_author_link function. This function allows you to modify markup, apply classes for styling, and modify the rel properties. Additionally, WordPress 6.0 will enhance the query for sticky posts.

Minor changes in the user experience

Every version of WordPress includes both large and minor changes. As an example, consider the following four enhancements:

  • With WordPress 6.0, it is possible to insert a frame around a column block. This improves the appearance of the block, which is typically used to highlight specific materials.
  • You may now change and personalize the spacing between photographs in a gallery. This provides you with a bit more flexibility when constructing your image galleries.
  • In the list view of blocks used in a post, you may now choose several blocks simultaneously. This means that you can now move or delete more than one block at once instead of one at a time.
  • Blocks can be combined with additional blocks. You can cram a list, a heading, or many text blocks within a quotation block, allowing you to quote more than just text.

Miscellaneous enhancements

Other enhancements included in WordPress 6.0 are the following:

  • It’s easier to style swap to maintain site-wide consistency.
  • A new color panel layout occupies less space.
  • New border regulations
  • levels of transparency for colors.
  • Export your personalized theme blocks.
  • New core blocks, such as post-author biographies, were added.
  • Custom buttons have a save feature so that they can be reused.
  • Your featured image is dynamically extracted by the Cover block and used as the background image.

Test WordPress 6.0

It is strongly advised that you test the newly released version of WordPress before activating it on a live site, just as you would with any other major upgrade. This will make it possible for You to check if the new version is compatible with the plugins, themes, and other modifications that you have made.

Testing also enables you to evaluate the new features and upgrades that will be included in WordPress 6.0 in advance, giving you the opportunity to choose which ones you want to use or install on your website. Hire a WordPress developer if you find yourself in need of assistance in order to avoid the loss of sensitive and important data.


The editing experience of sites built with WordPress 6.0 is vastly improved thanks to a number of changes made to blocks and the user interface. Thanks to this updated edition, users now have significantly more freedom of expression and design flexibility over their websites.

Upgrading to WordPress version 6.0 as quickly as feasible is something that we strongly recommend doing if you want to make use of its capabilities and guard yourself against any potential security flaws. A WordPress development company will help you in the process if you are not quite able to understand how to make use of all these updates.

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