Mockplus – An Amazing Prototyping Tool for UX/UI Designers

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1. An Overview of Mockplus

Mockplus is a rapid prototyping tool to make interactive prototypes on mobile, web as well as desktop, which would be a great help for UX/UI designers, software engineers, product managers and developers of any level to visualize their ideas much faster and easier. With the mission to make the complex simple, Mockplus has become a popular design solution for more and more users from the global community, with more than 800,000 users already since the first inception in 2014.

A powerful software solution with 3000 UI icons and 200 components that resemble Android, iOS and PC programs. Simple drag-and-drop to make interactions and there are several preview ways to test out your prototypes. The collaboration features can make your teamwork as time-efficient as possible.

2. Main Features

– There are 3000 icons and 200 ready-made components to make rapid prototyping out-of-box.
– Highly visualized interactions, and users at any level can make interactive design by drags and drops. Totally simple and intuitive.
– The Popup Panel and Content Panel can be flexibly edited.
– The automatic one-click reset of interactive commands.
– The format painter and paste style can do a batch of copy and make operation foolproof.
– The most comprehensive ways to test out projects, including:

A. Export to images.
B. View prototypes on the mobile by scanning QR code. C. Export to demo package. D. Export to HTML5 page offline. E. Publish online as a H5 webpage and view in real time. F. Enter view code in the mobile device and view in real time. (Details:
G. The mind map features which help to conceive and design prototypes in a logic and smooth way. (Coming soon in the 3.2 version)
H. The ability to export to UIFlow (namely, the interaction flow chart).

3. About Team Collaboration in Mockplus 3

Team collaboration is the major new update in Mockplus 3, including group project, collaborative design, online review and other features. Mockplus 3 makes it faster and eaiser to:

– Achieve division and cooperation where multiple users can edit the same project simultaneously; – Complete project review through the comments and markups of the prototype; – Raise the productivity of your development team; – Reduce communication cost greatly.

Multi-User Editing

The most striking characteristic of team project is multi-user editing feature. Select “Cloud- >Manage team project members” from the menu to add project members. The project can be modified independently by any members of each client. After the modification, click “Sync” button, and files will be merged. There is no need for each member to remain online all the time during the design process, ensuring everyone a good design experience. When designing, hover your mouse on a page node in the project tree, and you will see who is editing it. The simple and easy-to-follow editing strategy can contribute to a reduction of conflicts in design. Collaboration is hence easy.

Online Review

Mockplus 3 brings unparalleled online review experience. Not only can a project be demonstrated after being shared online, but now you can comment on the pages and even write markups on the pages directly. The Markup is the unique feature of Mockplus that other design tools of this kind don’t have. You can use various tools, such as arrows, words, rectangles,and brushes, to mark up a page at any position of it. Communication is hence clear.

Smooth Upgrade

As for existing personal projects, select “Upgrade to team project…” from the menu, and you can upgrade your personal projects into team projects. The upgrade is hence smooth.

View more details here:

A. The video tutorial about Mockplus team collaboration:
B. Team collaboration in Mockplus:

4. Newly-Added Features in Mockplus 3.2 Release

Please kindly refer to this post:

5. More Video Tutorials of Mockplus

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