Benefits of Developing a Mobile App to Expand Your Brand’s Reach

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While we’re all about WordPress and excellent WP themes here at Premium Coding, there’s something to be said for embracing the mobile user more directly. Yes, it’s very useful to have a mobile-ready theme installed that presents an attractive and fully functional website to smartphone and tablet users instead of just catering to desktop users – but that only goes so far.

There’s another market to pursue with app users who perhaps aren’t yet familiar with your brand. They might try your app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store first and visit your website after that.

Here are some of the benefits of using a fuller mobile strategy to expect your brand’s reach.

Offer Faster Answers to Common Questions

Finding the information that’s needed from a website is difficult and time-consuming, especially if the site’s navigation is unfamiliar. By contrast, a mobile app can offer more limited information on each screen to simplify the user experience.

When doing so, it becomes a priority to highlight articles, FAQs, and other items that are frequently requested or searched for on the website. It helps mobile users instantly and gets them to invest in your brand’s identity. At that point, they go from seeing your app as useful to want to check out your website on their PC or Mac at home too.

Get Your Brand in Front of a New Audience

Not everyone has heard of your website already. If they haven’t heard of it and don’t find it through Google organic search results, then other than word of mouth, they probably will never know your site exists.

When providing an Android and/or iOS mobile app in the Google Play or Apple App Stores, this opens up your brand (and the site that goes with it) to a whole new audience. They can find the site through Google searches for a suitable app, app review sites that might link to it or through searching for this type of app directly on their devices. This provides many new and affordable ways to expand your brands’ reach and customer base over time.

Add Cool Features Better Suited to Mobile to Attract More People

Some interactive features work better with a smartphone in your hand or when using a tablet.

For instance, a weather mapping feature using the developer toolkits for weather API from Aeris Weather provides any app developer the opportunity to create an interactive service for the mobile user’s local area. Using GPS data to locate them (with their permission, of course), the toolkit enables your app to provide satellite data combined with visual weather indicators to keep them informed.

A variety of apps can make use of an interactive feature like this. Driving advice, traffic information, walking for fitness or a kite flying app… it doesn’t have to be one particular type at all. As long as it would be useful to your mobile app or site users, these types of features add to the usefulness of your brand’s service to its customers.

While offering a mobile app for the most popular platforms is a nice thing to include on your site, the real benefit is in attracting a larger audience. Getting mindshare for your brand must be a continual focus to expand successfully in the future.

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