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WordPress is currently powering almost 15% of all websites and the number is still rapidly growing. It’s popularity and reputation among blogers is well deserved. When WordPress was first released it was meant to be a super simple bloging platform that allowed users to post news and articles without a hassle. But when years passed it developed into one of the most advanced CMS platforms out there.

Now everyone is using it, from blogers to small companies. It is a much cheaper alternative to classical HTML websites and due to virtually unlimited number of plugins it’s functionality easily surpases most CMS. But the best thing in my opinion is a huge number of Themes and Templates that is available for free and a variety of premium Themes that can be bought from $20 to $40. Due to this, WordPress Web Design is not expensive and you can get a proffesional looking website for less then $500.

This article will present ten of the best WordPress Themes in the market . I focused on the variety of choice you have with WordPress so below Themes can be used for bloging, photography, portfolio, video presentations and corporate use. Each theme described below is designed for specific use and yet you can use it for anything. And that is the true beauty of WordPress.


Corporate wordpress theme

Powerful Corporate Theme that is perfect for corporate use. Theme is completely adjustable, you can change colors of your site in seconds. Easily change between 200 fonts, including Google Font Directory and Cufon fonts. Variety continues with 6 different home page sliders to choose from.


Kingsize fullscreen image wordpress theme

Perfect Template for presenting your photographies or portfolios. Lately Themes with fullscreen background images became wildly popular and this is one of the best.


Minimalistic wordpress theme

Gridlocked is both a portfolio for featuring your work and a modern tumblr style blogging system.If you wish a minimalistic theme for showcasing your work then this is the theme for you.


Zeus fullscreen video wordpress theme

The latest trend are fullscreen video themes. Perfect for photographers, designers or companies that wish to display their portfolio in a fresh and unique way.


Infocus corporate wordpress theme

Infocus is the best corporate theme available. Period. With over 7000 sales on Themeforest this template is the best you can get. From professional design to amazing functionalies, this theme has it all. Hundreds of preset skins and a variety of different core functionalities will make your theme unique.


Restaurant wordpress theme

Theme that is perfect for restaurants, bars, clubs or food recipe websites.  It also comes with a Facebook fanpage with proper instruction manual for easy setup.


Social wordpress / buddypress theme

This theme is Buddypress ready. BuddyPress is a social network plugin that makes your site into a fully functional community portal. It lets your users interract via groups, friends, private messages and more. This creative Template is perfect for building a social portal with professional touch.


Real estate wordpress theme

If you own a real estate agency then this theme will perfectly suit your needs. The best part is a powerful and flexible search, where you can search by location, number of baths, beds, max and min price and property type.


Ecommerce wordpress theme

Yes, with WordPress you can even have a web store. This theme utilises the powerful JigoShop plugin which creates a versatile WordPress store with unlimited skins. This Theme shows just how powerful and useful WordPress can be. Even Ecommerce is possible!


Administration wordpress theme

This is a comprehensive admin theme that allows  you to manage and start your projects. Multiple preset skins, page elements, widgets and custom plugins. There is plenty of sample pages available to get you started. Perfect administration website for managing your projects.


WordPress Themes described above are the best example of how versatile WordPress really is. You can get a Theme for any type of business you are dealing with. From minimalistic portfolio showcase to powerful ecommerce, WordPress has it all. And you can also customize each theme to the core. That is why WordPress is currently the most wildly popular platform out there.

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