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Business, all and sundry, have been resorting to the power of World Wide Web for marketing their businesses and creating a representation that demonstrates true brand value and message.

But there isn’t a dearth of website totally missing the mark. While their designers and managers do not skimp on the efforts to create a reasonably impressive representation, they somehow ignore the deliverables they need to embed for giving their website best chance to sell. Impressing the visitors is one thing, and inducing them to buy your services is another.

You may not boast of a website that boggles the minds of your audience, but it is structured in a way that astutely sends out your brand message and the services you offer. So, you help yourself with the selling part when the visitor is least interested in how awesome the site looks on his computer screen. But for the fact that it contains an uninspiring design, making the first impressions becomes harder – and you can’t lose out on that aspect. Thereby, your website should be able to balance itself on the both sides of the line.

Create a Landing Page that Takes Hold of the User

Create a Landing Page that Takes Hold of the User

A number of webmasters make the mistake of stuffing the landing page with information. This speaks of the lack of confidence they have in their designers and the overall appeal of their homepage. Though it is recommended to educate the site regarding your business through your landing page, it has to be done in as minimum words as possible. You don’t have to assail them with information that makes your landing page look cluttered.

If you have to sell better, you need to ensure that visitors are impressed with the first point of contact. An inspiring design, which has clutter free layout, quirky and brand relevant taglines and all the necessary categories pertaining to your line of service displayed in the most visible manner, will serve you the best. The navigation should be made as seamless as possible.

Do Not Go Fancy With the Fonts

Do Not Go Fancy With the Fonts

It’s great if you are aiming for fonts that don’t look too regular, but what if that’s what your visitors want. When a person is browsing your website from a critical point of view, you won’t lose any brownie points if the fonts are not audaciously creative. When it comes to typography, the biggest consideration has to be its readability, even if it is using the most boring of facts available. If your audience doesn’t have to squint its eyes and struggle with certain letters, you are good to go. You might want to try different fonts in the custom images or in the logo of your website. For logos, in particular, try to restrict the number of fonts to bare minimum. When you use more than 2 fonts in hardly a 6 letter word, you are only displaying a juvenile sense of style.

Bring Down the Loading Time of the Website

If you are unsure whether the slow loading time of your website is due to the ISP you are using or it really is an issue with the website (considering you haven’t taken a third party opinion as yet), here is what you need to do. Open, and in the search bar, type your website’s address and hit the Go button. The complete report of your website in respect to the factors that might be affecting is in front of you, and more importantly, it tells you the average loading time of your website. If it is greater than 3 seconds, you might need to fix certain issues that you can find about in the test results.

A slow loading website can hurt your prospects really badly, and you need to guard your website against any such discerning issues. If visitors find that loading your websites on their browsers is a matter of close to 10 seconds, trust them to never come back once they hit the close button or type some other address in the address bar.

Mix Promotional Content with Intriguing Bits

If you are running a service website, your site will be strewn by promotional content throughout – it has to. That said, hire some content writers who can be creative enough to weave some stories around your product or anything that relates to your brand. Or have some mini games for visitors to come back and let those games be centered around your brand. This will also boost the recall value of your offerings to a great extent.

Get Rid of Pop ups, Flash Sites

There are things that you need to wash hands from at the earliest. If your website is on flash, please get rid of the flashy aspects. It is not just the users who aren’t very keen on these sites, but the search engines too don’t value these ones greatly. As for the pop ups, they have hardly helped any website whatsoever. Popping up from anywhere and screaming out your services right in user’s face won’t get you eyeballs – it rather repels them.

Banking on your website to enhance your business value is recommended, and thereby, I suggest you steer clear from both – ostentatious, as well as the maudlin elements.

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