Build MVP for Your Mobile Application

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Only 20 years ago, the capabilities of mobile devices were limited to the functions of calls, SMS exchange, and the simplest games. But can you imagine your smartphone without useful apps today? Apps are designed for various purposes: services, e-commerce, entertainment, online assistants, and can be easily downloaded through mobile marketplaces. The mobile app boom started in 2008 when Apple launched the App Store. And since then the number of apps has been growing fast. Every day developers come to the market with new ideas. They first build MVP solutions that then turn into popular full-fledged apps.

According to the Liftoff report, nearly 2 million new applications were released for both Android and iOS in 2019. App spending is expected to reach $156 billion in 2023. The competition on the market is rather high, so developers need to look for efficient ways to roll out a new product with minimum costs and time. And the MVP concept can help here a lot.

What Is an MVP?

MVP (minimum viable product) implies that a product solves at least one important task of users and thus, demonstrates its “viability”. At the MVP stage, the product is either approved or strongly criticized. This feedback helps learn whether the product matches the expectations of customers or not. If the product fails to solve the tasks of the user at the stage of MVP, then it is not necessary on the market and “unviable”.

The MVP-based approach helps:

  • avoid a huge amount of work that opens up with the standard strategic planning;
  • reduce the cost of each integration;
  • clarify the functionality of the future product.

In other words, MVP enables you to make a long development process much shorter, easier, and cheaper. Instead of creating a complicated application, it is important to understand from customer feedback whether such complexity is needed at all.

Main Reasons Why Your Project Needs MVP

This approach helps understand whether your idea has a chance for success. Many developers believe that their product is exclusive and has no analogs. But in most cases, it is far from being true. The reality is cruel enough as almost 80-90% of all applications fail during the first few days of the release. MVP helps to significantly minimize this risk.

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