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Logo is a graphic element that defines a certain product or company. It is of crucial importance when we talk about branding. A good logo helps promoting a product, especially in today’s times when names and signs are often being repeated over and over again.

Logo has a communicative and commercial value and companies often use innovative and unique logos so customers can easily remember their brand and distinguish it from similar products. Logos should be clean and simple so customers remember them easily. I have made a list of some of the best and most inspirational logos out there. Kudos to all the authors for their amazing work. Enjoy.

Coffee Cup by Jan Zabransky

Coffeecup logo

Logo for coffee house Coffee CUP where high quality coffee is served. Notice that logo of coffee cup is made of letters “CUP”.

Jar Creative  by Felix Espinoza

Jarcreative logotip

Logotip for Jar Creative online agency.

IPhone App Logo by BrandBerry

iPhone App Logo

iPhone App Logo

Spartan logo by LexLogo

Spartan logotip

The logo has two visual elements: The golfer and his swing, and the spartan face/helmet. HONORS *Brandstack Logo of the Month – Jan 2010 * Logo of the Week 1.23.2010

Get Wired. by Dan Sensecall

Get Wired

Sylion by Joan Pons Moll


Logo for a developement company.

Tonys by dado


Logo for an organic food restaurant.

BarCode by Sean Heisler

BarCode logotip

A fun play on a “Bar” Code.

CleanFLO by stakkeddesigns

cleanFLO Logo

Branding for cleanFLO.

OnWine Logo by Piotr Chrobot

Ownine logo

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