Create White Label WordPress Login Page For Better Branding

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Why create white label WordPress login page for better branding? Isn’t it that WordPress login is visible only to admins, contributors, and editors? Why bother tweaking the plain old boring default admin login page when there are more important tasks you need to spare your coding time for? Well, first of all, WordPress admin login page should carry your business’s identity much like any of your pages at the front end.

Everyone from your team should be accustomed to your branding. Use all the spaces available to show off who you are as a business. Second, customizing your WordPress login page does not anymore mean spending hours of coding work. There are plugins that make this job quick and easy.

Create your Brand Carrier White Label WordPress Login Page using Easy Login Styler

In this article, I’m going to show you how to use the plugin Easy Login Styler in creating your brand carrier login page, replacing the WordPress logo with your own. In addition, you can further customize it by simply adding a background image and by using CSS. Easy Login Styler is made by PHPBITS Creative Studio and is available for FREE.

Own it! Create White Label WordPress Login Page in 6 Easy Steps

First, get your free Easy Login Styler plugin. Simply go to Plugins > Add New on your WordPress dashboard and search for “Easy Login Styler“. Install and activate and see that it is added into the Settings menu.

Second, Go to Settings > Easy Login Styler to begin customizing the login page.

The third step is to Add Logo. Either pick an image from the Library or upload from your computer. After that, click on the “Use as Logo” button to finish.

Then, Add Background Image. Just the same as step 3, you can pick an image from the Library or upload a file. Alternatively, you can go to or similar sites and look for free background images. To finish, click on the “Use as Background Image” button.

After that, from the settings page, click on the “Save” button; then check your login page to confirm that you have made the changes.

Finally, Add custom CSS codes. This is optional, and the codes you will add will only work on the WordPress login page.

Flaunt Your Brand Anywhere

Your team members need a steady reminder of who you are as a business. They need to become familiar with your logo and other trademarks. Consequently, you use every way possible to establish your image and branding to them, as well as to your customers. Creating a white label WordPress login page may seem not a big deal, but it can go a long way in constantly upholding your own identity to everyone. After all, you spend long hours designing your website in such a way that its every page represents your business. You don’t want to spare a page.

In addition, for me, having a customized login page is like entering a door that says “Welcome to Your Workplace. Enjoy!” What a great way to motivate the team!

Thanks to plugins like the Easy Login Styler. They make simple tasks like customizing the login page even simpler.

Name: Bernadette Lee
Bio: Bernadette is the Content Marketer for PHPBITS Creative Studio — the creator of Widget Options, the plugin for better WordPress widgets management. She’s a food enthusiast and a big fan of American Bluegrass music.

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