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It is difficult for the aspiring artist to break through all the popular artists and the many aspiring musicians right now. The competition is very high and will only increase. Therefore, many begin to give up at the first difficulty. For example, when they have already uploaded a certain number of tracks, but still have not become popular or their songs are listened to by a small number of people. But such situations happen to everyone, so there is no need to despair, but to actively promote yourself in the music field.

It is better to start doing this by choosing a platform. At the moment, the largest, available in almost all countries, for any device with over 350 million users, is Spotify. This is a platform where you can show yourself and find your audience (in such a number of users, there will definitely be those who will like your music). Also, this platform is convenient for both listeners and creators. For listeners, it creates a lot of playlists, recommendations, there is a convenient interface, for artists every month a huge number of different statistics are created that help determine their progress, and you can increase those numbers if you buy plays on Spotify.

Statistics show plays, likes, saves, monthly listeners, and others. Depending on the ratio of these metrics, Spotify’s algorithms decide whether you are a potentially successful artist. But young musicians who don’t have a definite popularity on other social media, who have not been shone anywhere before, may simply not be noticed by Spotify. And in order to become successful on Spotify, you just need to be noticed by algorithms, without which it is very difficult to progress on this site.

To do this, you can buy plays on Spotify. Why plays? Because it is a measure of your success. Subscribers can increase or can decrease sharply, likes can be first put and then removed, the same with saves, the number of monthly listeners can also constantly change. With plays, this will not happen, you simply cannot take the listening in any way, you did it and that’s it, it remains, plays can always only increase. This is his advantage. In this way, you nudge the algorithms to promote your songs, so that they finally notice them. And when the algorithms begin to promote you, they will add your songs to various playlists, recommend to users, and from this your plays, subscribers, likes will start to grow organically. It is important for you, as a young musician, to shoot right now, while the field of music is not yet completely packed with musicians, so analyze algorithms, draw up strategies, advance in the music space and become popular.

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