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If you would like to create a cutting-edge user experience for your website, you should think about using ipapi. All your users deserve the first-class encounter with your website regardless of where they come from. Offer them something more, something that will relate to them, and they will be happy to return or convert into a lead or complete a purchase.

Whatever your business or online project is all about, with a neat and fantastic service like ipapi, you can do so much more for your web presence. The software dates all the way back to 2013 when a group of individuals created a tool for internal IP address validation. Soon, they realized how powerful the service is and started thinking about making it available to the public. As it turned out, their decision was a wise one since they are already powering more than thirty thousand businesses all around the globe.

When you start using ipapi, you can precisely geolocate your users by IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. From then on, you can structure your website in a way it enhances their experience by tailoring it according to their needs and requirements. In other words, personalize your content corresponding to their location and make it more relevant to their searches.

With ipapi, you can also create language redirections, detect their currency, time zone and help prevent fraud. If you run a globalized page, all these features come very helpful. For instance, if they come from Italy, you can send them to your Italian subdomain. Moreover, if the visitor is from Great Britain, ipapi detects their currency and showcases all your prices in British Pounds. It all happens instantly, so your page looks like it would be genuinely made for them. Only by sending them to the translated version of your website with fitting currency, you can increase the conversion rate of your business.

Multiple features

There is a lot you can do with this tool which you can integrate in about ten minutes. No matter how complex and how advanced all sounds, using and managing ipapi is way easier than you may think. With the clean and sophisticated design, anyone can utilize it and get the most out of it.

To be more specific, you have control of more than 45 unique data and information about your users, thanks to their IP address. Region, latitude, capital, language, current time, daylight saving detection, currency name, TOR detection and ASN to name a few. You will know your audience better than they know themselves.

By now, you understand the power ipapi has and the control you can have over your visitors. All in the name of ensuring they leave your website fully satisfied, finding exactly what they were looking for. And it does not matter what language they speak, what city they come from, what time zone they are in and what is their currency. You know that there are other assets you can take to your advantage but these are the more notable ones.


No doubt, you definitely want to learn more about the cost of this neat IP address lookup and geolocation API. Well, to everyone’s surprise, for up to ten thousand monthly requests aka lookups, the service comes free of charge. Of course, the free plan is quite limited but it still offers location data and even some support. In short, you will start getting the gist of it and see how powerful ipapi can be.

From then on, there are four additional premium plans that you can choose from. It all comes down to the size of your website and how much traffic it generates. The plans go from twenty thousand and all the way up to two million lookups. Of course, the last, the enterprise plan, is a custom one that is made to order.

If you are just starting out in the online space, you will want to go with the free solution. However, as soon as you see your volume of traffic start to increase, you can instantly upgrade to the Standard plan and see the magic happen. And if you plan on using ipapi long-term, you better select yearly billing and score yourself a 20% discount.

ipapi grows with you

You might be questioning yourself what happens if you exceed monthly set lookups. You can pass the API request volume for no more than 20%. We all know that there might be spikes in traffic from time to time and that will not affect your plan. However, when it happens on a consistent basis, you know it is time for an upgrade. Hurray for you, you are growing!

What’s also cool about ipapi is the fact that it is very beginner-friendly. It comes with a three-step set up guide that anyone can follow effortlessly. Moreover, there is also a complete and in-depth documentation that helps you on any part of your journey to successfully integrating the API with your application. You will never feel lost.

While your analytics might be showing you a lot of information about your visitors and users, step things up with ipapi. You can now create a custom-made experience that will appeal to every single one of your clients and customers. With this feature alone, you can see a much greater difference in your overall business performance.

If you wondered how others do it, now you know exactly what is the case. All it takes is to sign up to the software (even if the free plan) and get familiar with the API. It is go time from then on. Start implementing all the fantastic features ipapi brings to the table and scale it up accordingly.

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