Comparing WordPress Page Builders Plugins to Create Visually Appealing Pages

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The popularity of WordPress as a CMS (content management system) is rising to a great extent. Once you have decided to go for developing a WordPress powered site, the next best thing is to creating visually appealing web pages.

Changes in Posts is more Important than WordPress Pages – A Misconception!

Any WordPress site is a combination of web pages and posts. Even though, WordPress can be used to design any sort of website now but there is no denying that it was designed as a blogging platform, and is still the ideal platform for creating blog posts. People today realizes the power of blogs and so, often many website owners spend a lot of efforts in enhancing the blog posts and focus very less on WordPress pages.


Undoubtedly, posts are important but you can’t neglect WordPress pages. Why is it so? Well, you won’t like to make your site visitors change their focus constantly while reading your blog posts. Besides, posts are all alike what makes them different is their content. Hence, making changes to the look and feel of your posts isn’t really needed. WordPress pages, in contrast, carries out a plethora of tasks. But by not bringing a fresh look to your pages can deprive you from you from building loyal customer base and getting more traffic to your site.

What’s more?

Many website owners are today opting for responsive website themes, as it facilitates customers’ with the flexibility to access their site on a browser with different screen sizes.  What’s the solution? You can use page builders to create responsive column layouts to your WordPress web pages, with the help of widgets.


So, if you wish to spice up your WordPress website pages without the need to re-work on your website theme, WordPress offers you with various page builder plugins that you can use.

Comparison between Page Builders Plugins for WordPress

You can find several WordPress “page builder” plugins out there in the web world, but choosing the one that suits your needs can be intimidating. Here in this guest post I’ve come up with a list of top 3 WordPress “Page Builder” plugins that will help you build your WP pages as per your business requirements. You can compare and choose any one of the plugins that meet your needs.

  • Siteorigin Panels Page Builder – For responsive pages


Having responsive theme layout is the “need for the hour”. So, if you wish to own a WordPress site with responsive column layout, then Siteorigin Panels Page Builder fits your bill! As this is a responsive page builder plugin. This plugin helps in adding a new “Page Builder” tab on your WordPress text-editor window. Once the tab is embedded in the editor, you can add responsive columns layouts, insert some existing WordPress template or add widgets.

  • Aqua Page Builder – For various template variations


Are you running an online business that often needs constant changes when it comes to design or expanding your content area; The Aqua Page Builder is the best bet for you. This page builder enables you to create various template variations. This plugin enables to add more content areas for your web pages – by performing drag-and-drop interaction to add building blocks into your selected template section in the backend.

Once you’ve made variations in the template in sync with your needs, the template can then be inserted into a page in two ways:

  • By placing the automatically created shortcode.
  • By clicking on the “Add Template” button present on the visual editor.

The best thing is that the blocks in the page builder can be moved and can also be resized through dragging.

  • IG Page Builder – For building complete website, in no time


Want to build a complete WordPress powered site or web pages, in a few minutes. IG Page Builder is a drag-and-drop page builder plugin that best suit your needs. This page builder lets you create a complete WordPress site without giving much focus to any documentation.

What makes IG Page Builder outshines the other page builder is that it is lightweight and simple to use.

Moreover, IG Page Builder comes with full page elements (that is, built-in shortcodes) that help in building a fully functional website effortlessly. This isn’t the end! This page builder also supports customization, as it helps to add any widget and various options. Additionally, this page builder comes with responsive functionality. With help of such functionality the site adjusts its layout automatically.

Which Page Builder Should You Pick?

The IG Page Builder seems to me as a clear winner here. It can do everything that the other two aforementioned page builder can do. If I won’t use IG page builder then I’ll opt for Siteorigin Panels Page Builder and Aqua page builder will be my last choice. But it’s not necessary to go that way; you must first see your own needs and then select the page builder that suits your needs.

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