Dedicated Server vs Colocation: Which One is for You?

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When it comes to the question of which one is better between dedicated hosting and colocation, then the answer is not at all a simple one. There are several considerations that must go into account before deciding on one. You will have to look into the pros and cons of both the options and then decide upon, which one will be best suited for your requirements. So, before jumping into conclusion on which one is better for you, first let’s try to understand how each one works.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers are the ones where you don’t have to share it with anybody else and there is also no need to build a server of your own. Therefore, the initial investment comes down and depending on your preferences you can either pay a monthly rent or you can also opt for the annual rent payment. If you are using dedicated server, then it means that you will be solely using the entire processor, the memory and the entire space of the hard disk.

When your business is growing and you start receiving consistent traffic in higher volumes, you can consider shifting to dedicated servers because by doing so, you will get full access to all the resources of the server. If you compare dedicated server with shared hosting, then you might find the former to be more expensive. But when it comes to features and services offered by dedicated servers, then it is unmatched for. When your website is designed to offer specialized services or if it is running multimedia applications, then it is always better to go for dedicated servers. You can find some dedicated servers at low prices here.

Another important thing that you will have to remember is that when you are using the dedicated servers, you must have the technical knowledge to perform the system administration tasks. You must also know how to remotely manage the server from your desktop. These are the basic things that you must know when you are opting for dedicated servers, especially unmanaged one. This will help you operate a powerful hardware within an affordable budget.

Colocation Services

When you are using colocation services, you actually become the owner of the hardware. Therefore, you have the right to use the hardware any time you require and upgrade it as per your requirements. The colocation services will offer you just the thing you want; therefore, you will enjoy the flexibility and scalability that will make it cost effective for you. It will be easier for you to add servers, power, server space and also enhance the connectivity as and when the demand of your IT infrastructure increases. The colocation services will actually cost you less in the long term though initially it may look like a costly proposition.

Dedicated servers too are considered to give you full control but with colocation services you will get the control over the server’s quality. The software that is put to work is owned by you; it’s not just anything that your service provider offers you. You are also allowed to manage the backup and upgrade of your server. This ensures that you have complete knowledge of what is on your server at any point of time as you are the one who is managing everything.

So, which one is for you?

There are situations when dedicated servers become almost indispensable and there are times when colocation services are best suited. Here are some pointers on when you should go for which one:

Dedicated servers:

  • If you require a server for less than a year and half
  • The entry cost is low
  • You won’t have to worry about the replacement or any kind of repair cost

Colocation services:

  • When you need freedom for installation of applications and software
  • You are using your own hardware
  • Complete control of upgradation, modification and removal of any hardware from the system

Now you can decide which one will be better for you depending on the requirements you have. If you find both of them going beyond your budget, then you should consider going for VPS hosting. contains a list and review of some good VPS providers.

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