Everything You Need to Know About CompTIA Network+. Are Practice Tests Helpful in Preparation?

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The IT networking industry is an ever-growing area that just doesn’t seem to die out anytime soon. As stated in the IT salary report by Robert Half, the positions related to this field like network administrators or network engineers firmly stick in the list of top 10 in-demand roles of 2020. What’s more, the US Department of Labour expects the number of jobs in this sector to grow considerably high through 2028 and even beyond that.

So if you are interested in the networking aspects of IT and are hoping to make a career out of it, now is the time to make your move and grab this chance. And what better way than completing an entry-level certification to get your foot in the door? In this post, we will talk about a credential offered by CertBolt  — Network+ which can also be called the ‘Gateway to Networking’.

Main Features: Prerequisites and Outline

According to the official CompTIA website, the Network+ badge focuses on 5 main areas: concepts of networking, infrastructure, network operations, security, and troubleshooting tools. Since this is an entry-level credential, it also covers the basic skills. Thus, by the completion of the certification, you will have acquired a solid foundation on which to build your networking career on.

While there aren’t any prerequisites for this certification outlined by CompTIA, having a 9-months’ experience in a networking environment and being CompTIA A+ certified can help you fare on your Network+ exam much better than the rest of the crowd.

What Will Network+ Exam Be Like?

Test N10-007 by code will be a 90-minute assessment with a maximum of 90 questions where you will need to gain a mark of 720 (100-900 scale) to pass and become Network+ certified. The exam will consist of MCQ questions, both single and multiple responses, drag and drop items, and some performance-based tasks. In case you want to buy the test voucher alone, it will cost you $329. However, Link Here  also offers preparation bundles that include not only the voucher but some study resources too. So, let’s see what are they and find out how you can prepare.

How to Get Trained?

There are many options for studying for the assessment provided by CompTIA themselves. Using their CertMaster Learn will certainly be the best option for you to get the required training and such a preparation package with this material and exam fee will cost you a good $849. Still, you can choose another bundle with access to CertMaster Practice tool ($599) or an official eBook ($449). Another variant is to get training from other reputed online providers. The price of their offers may vary from platform to platform.

If you think you need to dive deeper into the subject matters, books can assist you well in it. For example, try the popular All-in-One Exam Guide for Download CertBolt written by Mike Myers. However, it should be noted that even though books are a great way of learning, it will be very time-consuming. So, don’t hesitate to supplement your list of resources with virtual labs, videos, forums, and practice tests. The last-mentioned trial tests will help you a lot if you use them smartly. First, train with them when you’ve already learned all the concepts just to assess your readiness. Second, don’t memorize questions and answers but try to understand the concepts. And third, always remember and correct the mistakes you make so as not to repeat them.

Will This Really Be a ‘+’ to Your Networking Career?

Network+ can be a real help for you in case you are someone who is interested in getting into the networking industry but does not have a college degree to apply for a job with. Moreover, you should not spend years to get it because the whole process may take only 1-2 months if you will be focused enough. What’s even better is that while a degree can cost you half of your life savings to complete, Certbolt Exam Dumps can be completed at a much cheaper cost.

Another ‘+’ point to keep in mind is that being Network+ certified will open multiple doors in the networking industry for you. This credential is recognized by most employers which will make you a preferred candidate for entry-level networking positions. These include help-desk technician (probably, the most famous job for a newbie in IT), computer technician, junior network administrator, junior system engineer, and network field technician among others. Do note that having the Network+ certification alone may not qualify you for every role mentioned, but it’ll certainly help you get in the right direction.

You Need More Reasons to Earn It?

While we are still on the topic of jobs, how much do you think you can expect to get paid being Network+ Practice Test Questions ? According to PayScale, the average salary for such a specialist is $65k. Not bad, eh?

So all in all, spending some money on this badge when just entering the industry will be well worth it in the end. And once you obtain your Network+, it will be valid for 3 full years. The renewing process is also quite simple, as if you acquire at least 30 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or complete the A+ Practice Test 4 , this will renew your certification as well as upgrade you as a professional.


Network+ is a great alternative that you can pursue instead of a 4-year degree if you want to get into the IT field as young as possible while spending a much lesser amount. Exam N10-007 certification exam itself is not particularly hard and it will not require too much effort to study for it. Just remember to explore the options offered by the vendor and do some practice tests before the actual assessment.

Now if we have convinced you enough to apply for this credential, head on to the CompTIA portal to begin your Network+ journey right away!

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