5 Best WordPress UI Improvement Plugins

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WordPress has secured a major market share by offering a platform that is equally suitable for bloggers, publishers, sellers, and entrepreneurs. This amazing software has the flexibility to extend a small blog to a multi-lingual magazine, and a small shop to a multi-regional business. With the addition of a plugin, you can transform a CMS into an eCommerce, and customize it for the ease of the end users.

In online businesses, the user interface has got a major significance, because the mobile technology has squeezed the online shopping to the screens only. Unlike the brick and mortar store, they have to read a product description and an image for making purchases.

So, to give them a real shopping experience in the virtual world, the user interface needs frequent, useful and result-oriented improvements. For your convenience, we are suggesting 5 best WordPress plugins that will surely help you mold the user interface according to the common behavior of your audience.


1. Custom Registration Form WordPress

Custom Registration Form WordPress allows you to simplify the sign-up procedure for your potential buyers. Normally, the registration forms are flooded with a series of questions, which may annoy a user. You can cut the forms short and add custom options that are relevant and easy to answer.

This plugin offers ten different types of fields. For example, replace a text field with a checkbox that is much easier for a user to answer. You can label each field for users understanding. Marking the mandatory fields will further facilitate the consumers in filling the important details and skipping the options once.

A great majority of online buyers would like to have a user account on your platform and watch over the pricing strategy. They are prone to frequent purchases once they start trusting you. And, all this starts with the registration page. If that is not user-friendly, they will never step into your business.

If you are curious to know how this plugin works, you can get help from its tutorial.


2. Meta slider

Meta Slider is an impressively useful tool in creating slideshows on your WordPress website. It allows you to make appealing slideshows by easily selecting images from the media gallery. You can add a caption to the slides and add Meta details for better search engine reach. It offers 4 different types of slideshows that are coin, nivo, flex and responsive slides.

This tool makes the creation of slideshows easier. For any business, spreading the core company messages through visuals, this is a must have tool. It adds a visual appeal to your web pages and assures the readers get through the messages you want to deliver. The website administrators can find it really amazing to easily craft creative and customize visuals with their websites.


3. SearchWP

SearchWP replaces the by-default slow search system with an advanced one. The conventional search tools are only capable of finding web pages with matching titles and content to the query. But, this plugin is equipped to easily find product details and documents on your eCommerce as well.

The online stores with a wide range of products and categories will never want to lose sales just because the users are finding it difficult to browse the products. With such an advanced search tool, they can write a word or two and find the products they need.

The unique visitor insights allow the admin to know what the users are searching for. This will allow you to make available the products in demand or place the information about a topic that is highly searched on your platform.


4. Social Pug

Social Pug is a renowned tool for adding social sharing buttons to your WordPress website. It allows the users of your website to quickly share a post or post to other friends on one of their favorite social networks. It supports the major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

The plugin lets you add such buttons above and/or below a product to increase social media engagement of your website. It will increase the reach of different posts and store items to the friend lists of a user with a single click.

Carrying on an online business without adding a flavor of social media is difficult. For maximum exposure, you have to add such channels to reach a target audience and introduce the products you have. It will also help you build a brand with an improved user interface as they can let their loved ones know about a favorite product with a social share.


5. Breadcrumb NavXT

Breadcrumb NavXT is a powerful navigation tool that draws the path of a web page to the user. It improves the user experience by helping them the users know which post or product they are browsing at the moment. It allows them to easily navigate through different pages and categories without getting lost in the searches.

This tool brilliantly trails the link location of any blog or website that is powered by WordPress. It has a built-in widget that allows you to easily configure it on your business platform. All you need to avail this navigation feature is a quick installation and easy configuration.

An eCommerce website often includes multiple stores having a variety of product lines. Without breadcrumbs, they may take the impression that the website is too deep and they don’t have enough time to dig it thoroughly. If they are informed about their current location through breadcrumbs they can easily know the website structure and browse the respective categories.



Improving the user interface of your WordPress website is a continuous learning experience. There is not an ultimate solution that stays in practice for a foreseeable future. A useful navigational feature that you add recently may become obsolete sooner or later. So, you have to continuously pursue improving different features for the ease of your target audience according to their behavior and feedback.

The above-discussed plugins are quite useful in improving the user interface as they are developed for prominent service providers. You can try them and evaluate how it affects the user engagement and conversion rate of your business.


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Paul Simons is an experienced digital marketer with expertise in UX design consultation and conversion optimization. He has an experience of more than 7 years in understanding the key elements in boosting sales of different companies. Currently, he is working as a marketing team lead in FMEAddons.

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