Future Hosting: Creating High-Converting Landing Pages On Your WordPress Site

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Landing pages are the most focused part of your website. A landing page has one job: influencing visitors to convert.


Creating High-Converting Landing Pages On Your WordPress Site

Landing pages are unique because they have only one job to do. Most other pages on your site are multipurpose: your home page is a mix of navigation, branding, and company details; your blog articles help with SEO, engage an audience, and give you something to share on social media. Landing pages do one thing: they convert visitors into leads or buyers.

Landing pages are a specialized web page at the sharp end of the conversion funnel. Advertising, calls-to-action, and other promotions should point to a landing page, and it’s the landing page that seals the deal.

But what does an effective landing page look like?


It’s Focused


A landing page exists to convert visitors. It has no other purpose. Every element of the page should be focused towards achieving a specific goal.

If the goal of the landing page is to collect email addresses in return for premium content, don’t fill it with clutter that’s irrelevant to that purpose.

Every image, header, piece of copy, interface element, and color choice is laser-targeted on the goal of conversion. You are offering visitors a simple choice: click this button to buy, enter your email here. If you give visitors too many choices and options, you dilute the power of the landing page to elicit conversions.


It’s Minimal


You know those spammy websites for health supplements and miracle cures with hundreds of lines of copy in multiple fonts with dozens of images? Don’t do that. Keep it simple, calm, and minimal — a couple of images or a video, precisely honed copy, snappy taglines.

I don’t mean that longer copy isn’t effective: some of the best landing pages have several hundred words. One of my favorite landing pages is for Basecamp. Its copy isn’t reduced to a gnomic strap line. But every one of those words exists to serve the greater purpose of the landing page: to give visitors a reason to sign-up to the product.

If other pages on your site include a menu with lots of options, reduce it to the bare necessities on landing pages. If it includes a sidebar, remove it so attention is focused front and center.


It Creates Trust

The most effective landing pages include copy and images that directly relate to the visitor’s needs, shows how the company can meet those needs, and includes proof in the form of customer testimonials or logos that indicate people have chosen to use this product and found it acceptable.


Building A Landing Page


Even within the constraints I’ve talked about, there are infinitely many possible landing pages you can create. At the minimum, every landing page should include the following:

  • A compelling attention-grabbing headline
  • A clear call to action with active language. Tell the visitor exactly what you want them to do and what they’ll get when they do it.
  • Images or a video that clearly indicates the benefits of the product.
  • A signup form or buy button. Keep forms simple. Complex forms are off-putting and hurt conversion rates.
  • Mobile responsiveness; if your landing page isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re wasting a huge opportunity.



Every landing page is a hypothesis that says: this arrangement of images, text, form fields, and graphical elements will elicit conversions. A hypothesis can be wrong, so you need to test.

A/B testing is the process of making changes to a page, serving the changed page to a proportion of site visitors, and observing the conversion rate. If the altered version of the page generates a higher conversion rate, then the change is integrated into the page.

A/B testing is an iterative process of gradual optimization. Hypothesize, test, implement. Keep going until your landing page is honed to a sharp edge.


WordPress Landing Pages

There are any number of SaaS services and plugins that promise to help you create effective landing pages. One of my favorites is WordPress Landing Pages, a relatively simple plugin that allows users to create elegant landing pages in a visual editor and A/B test them for effectiveness.

An effective landing page will do wonders for your site’s conversion process and should be at the heart of your conversion rate optimization strategy.


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