Great Seo Vs. Gorgeous Design: What Is Better For A Successful Website

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What is the most important feature of a professional website? For some people, it is professional design, for others smooth performance and navigation. There are also users who are sure that SEO  is the only feature that matters and you can pay less attention to other aspects of web design. Of course, both questions are quite complicated and can boost your business or completely ruin it. Let’s find out what is really important for building an effective website, design or SEO.


Attractive design

Attractive design is vital for any modern website as it is the first thing the users see when they land on your page.  Even if you provide the best services or sell the best products, you won’t succeed if your website looks unprofessional or overloaded with visual effects. Of course, there is no need to refuse from including sliders, galleries or various kinds of hovers to the site, but you should do it very carefully.

There is also another side of visual effects. The matter is that using too many scripts, or too heavy scripts can cause slow page loading speed. Eventually, you can experience a sufficient traffic loss or users will leave your site once they spend several seconds searching on the homepage as the content will load very slowly.

One more thing you should remember when designing a site from scratch is responsiveness. Responsive design allows the layout to automatically adapt to a particular screen resolution. In other words, content, fonts, menus and other elements change their position, size, paddings, and margins depending on the devices used for searching on the site. In addition, the non-responsive site won’t be ranked properly by search engines. As a result, you won’t observe a smooth traffic flow.

Responsive design is one of the major recommendations for creating a professional SEO campaign. Search engine robots scan the website and decide whether to display it in the top results or not. Google can also ignore minor HTML issues, but it won’t ignore problems with the performance and responsiveness.

Now we came closer to SEO aspect, so let’s take a look at how it can improve the performance of your site.


Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a difficult process that requires much time and effort. A proper SEO campaign can drive a new audience to your site, help to convert this audience into customers and, eventually, increase the revenue. If done wrong, it can completely kill the traffic flow pretty fast. So, what you should take into account when building your own campaign.


HTML tags

When designing the site, you should pay close attention to the use of headings, meta tags, images, and links. Improper usage of HTML tags can cause low ranking results, as search engines will prefer the sites with more structured HTML.


Proper advertising campaign

It is also critical to develop a proper keywords list and use them in the site and advertising campaign.

Now let’s imagine that you use a top-notch design, but pay absolutely no attention to SEO. What results can you get in this case? Most likely the only visitors you can expect will be just your friends and people who have your website address, all other people won’t find your name in search results, as the website doesn’t meet basic SEO requirements.

On the other hand, we can imagine the case where we have a fully SEO ready site with well-structured HTML, optimized images, professional AdWords campaigns etc., but with an outdated design and lame navigation. In this case, you can expect a good traffic flow with numbers of potential customers, but eventually, you won’t experience a big revenue growth. The reason is that users won’t be able to find the information or product they are interested in, as the content looks not structured and clumsy.

As you can see there is no answer to what is more important SEO or good web design. These two components are critical and should be taken into consideration during building any website whether it is a small personal blog or an international online store. Maybe about 10 years ago it was possible to pick one option and grow a successful business, but today this method doesn’t work at all and you should pay close attention to all the requirements and constantly update the site.


So how to build a website that would combine a striking look with good performance and professional SEO?

There are numbers of ways to that. You can hire a team of professionals who will build a project directly for your business from scratch. But be ready to pay a ton of money and wait several months until the work is done.  Eventually, you still can face some troubles with the performance or search engine rankings as each new website requires a particular testing period to fix all the bugs.

The second option is much cheaper and faster as well. You can launch a fully functional, SEO optimized site with an eye-catching look in several weeks. TemplateMonster is ready to help you find the best solution right for your business. It’s been one of the biggest web templates provider on the market. You can find thousands of ready-made WordPress themes for business. If you prefer any particular content management system, TemplateMonster also has a collection of themes for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Magento, WooCommerce, etc. Or if you are in need of a blog theme, you can also check our collection of WordPress themes.

The templates stored on the site are completely SEO optimized and support all the latest plugins for boosting the performance of the pages. The fresh and modern design is another feature you can get purchasing from TM. Eventually, you only need to install the theme on the web server and upload the content. Once done you get a stylish fully functional site ready for work.

In case you need to carry out any customization, experience any issues with installation or adjustment of the template you can contact a free 24/7 support service. A team of qualified specialists will be happy to help you fix anything right away.

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