How An IP API Can Help Your Business

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The key to being one step ahead of your competition and delivering an excellent experience for your users is simple: Know your user’s location. Whether providing product information in your users’ native language or even relevant content to their region, the solution to providing a cutting-edge user experience on your website is an IP Lookup API.

It is crucial to understand your website visitors to be successful in today’s fast-paced world. While you can track your users’ geographical information via device data, you need their permission. Instead of missing out on this vital information, there is a tool that helps you solve this problem: ipbase.

What is ipbase, and how does it help you?

A striking web presence sets you apart from your competition. Users are more likely to stay on your website, and it improves your sales conversions sustainably. With the help of ipbase, you can improve your presence even further and relate to your users and customers on a new level.

ipbase is a Europe-based software that provides a scalable and reliable IP geolocation API. IP addresses are associated with cities, time zones, latitude, and longitude. Therefore, the tool allows you to geolocate your customers, offer them a great user experience, and tailor your website according to their requirements and needs. For example, by showing them content in their language and forwarding them to their country’s e-commerce shop, and much more.


The JSON-based IP lookup REST API enables developers to retrieve data about their users’ API addresses. It allows you to easily integrate the API into any application written in any programming language within minutes.

Unlike most IP APIs, ipbase is suitable for working in teams. The intuitive design of the tool allows you to easily navigate through your requests, API Keys, and essential metrics. The dashboard offers you an overview of your requests, success rate, mean latency, and other key performance indicators. In the Request Playground, you can define the endpoints and parameters for your requests.

Speed and reliability are essential when integrating an API into your website or product. ipbase offers generous usage volume for any use case while keeping an ultra-fast speed. Build by developers, for developers; it leverages stable and robust infrastructure. You can specify your desired data format since the API supports .csv, .xml, and .json as output formats.

Every project, product, and website is different, so ipbase is fully customizable, including the number of requests, API keys, and even features. It is HTTPS encrypted and provides data on locations, currencies, and time zones.


You might be thinking, “all of these features must have their price.” Not necessarily! ipbase offers a free plan next to multiple paid plans. The free plan starts with 150 requests a month and one API Key.

If you need more than that, ipbase offers a great price value. For only $9,99/month, you can get 65,000 requests. Custom plans are, of course, available too.

How many requests you need will ultimately depend on the size of your project and how much traffic it generates. If you select a plan and realize you will need more requests, the tool makes it easy to upgrade (or downgrade) at any time. In the payment tab in the app, it just takes a few clicks to select your new plan or contact a support member if you have custom requirements.

ipbase: Optimize your user experience and sales conversions

There are many strategies to get ahead of your competition; using an IP API is one of them. ipbase is easily scalable and will grow with your business. It allows you to offer your users a personal touch, something they can relate to. Learn more about your users that goes beyond your current stats and offer each one of them a custom experience without putting in hours of work.

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