INFOGRAPHIC: Drupal CMS Story From The Beginning

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Another infographic for today as you seem to really like them. One of the most respected CMS of today’s world is Drupal. In fact when it comes to the organizations who are looking for a dependable security and flexibility, Drupal seems to be the singular choice for them. The Drupal offer a complete solution for creating, editing and publishing the content. But during its initial years, Drupal was just a humble projects started by 2 students. So let’s learn more about Drupal and how it all started.


The beginning

During the year 2000, the University of Antwerp didn’t have a stable internet connection which prevented the students from taking the full benefits of the internet. So, 2 of the students’ Dries and Hans decided to find out a way and finally, they set up a wireless bridge. It was aimed at sharing Hans’s ADSL modem connection among 8 other students. The effort was successful.

Their friends now wanted to do more with it and so they decided to develop it further and use it as a local communication channel. Dries used web board to develop a small news site. It allowed easy socialization among the friends. They could now share their information and thoughts. For example, they could recommend the best place for dining or share the latest news.


The graduation

After the graduation Dries decided to buy a domain name for this nameless project and put the site online so that friends could continue to stay in the touch.



Drupal’s innovative approach attracted many bright minds to the and today a large number of Programmers and community members endeavor day and night towards further enhancing the Drupal’s features and functionality. Due to their efforts, the Drupal keeps updating on the regular basis and many vulnerabilities are recognized before they pose a threat.



Drupal community is also benefitted by the DrupalCon that is the Drupal conference held twice a year. In these conferences the Drupal community interacts with each other, discuss pertinent issues and share latest developments. This conference has played a major part in strengthening the bonds of Drupal community.


Drupal Association

In July 2011 DrupalCon Inc got a new name, Drupal Association. The association benefits from inputs of active community and ably shoulders the responsibility of

  • DrupalCons
  • Drupal.Org
  • Community Cultivation Grants
  • Global Training days

We prepared an Infographic so you can easily check the how Drupal CMS website builder was established and how it evolved through the years.

Infographic source: CMSWebsiteServices

You can read more about website builders at WebsiteBuildersInsider.

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