Is It worth buying a beautiful Theme for your Store

When you’re starting a business it’s normal for every choice to feel like it’s going to make or break your company. Some of them really don’t matter, but the painful truth is that a lot of them really can impact your sales, your viability as a company, and more. Your shop layout and the theme that you choose to get you there are very important components of the final sales figures that you’ll be seeing. Here are the things to look for when you’re trying to choose whether to spring for the more expensive theme or go with the basic options for your online retail store.

Mobile Optimized Themes

The mobile market is booming right now. In the fourth quarter of 2013, over 26 percent of page views to store websites were made from a mobile device—that is, from a tablet computer like an iPad or a smartphone. You have to make sure that your site will be just as appealing and affective when it’s viewed from the cramped screen of a smartphone. You can test this yourself by using a smartphone or by using one of the mobile site viewing apps. Clarity is prized above all on these sites because it can be difficult to navigate a site using a touch screen system.

As mobile viewing is most heavily favored by the Millennial market, you know that it’s going to be around for a long time. The Baby Boomers are starting to wane, and Generation X is only half the size of the Millennial generation. This means that the majority of the spending power in the coming years is going to fix squarely on this younger group. Things that they like (even if they don’t have other value besides being popular, which mobile viewing and sales clearly do) are going to be the things in the present that will still be part of tomorrow.

Image Heavy Themes

Image heavy themes are more popular because displaying attractive pictures makes potential customers want the product more, because it adds a sense of urgency to the text that isn’t there when a customer is faced with a wall of sales copy instead of the beauty of the objects they want to buy. Pick themes that are built to handle a heavy load of images without becoming laggy, buggy, or quitting halfway through.

Themes with Few Products per Page

Another thing that you should check is whether or not the page looks crowded. Overloading your page with too many images can backfire on you. When humans are presented with too many choices, the anxiety and stress of making the wrong choice increases. That’s why restaurant menus that are packed with food options often dismay diners, and it’s why if you saturate every page of your store site with tons of choices you’re going to find that you can’t quite get your customers all the way to the end. People are fundamentally lazy. If it’s not easy for them to navigate your site they could decide that they don’t really need your product after all, or that it would be easier to get it somewhere else. Don’t let an overcrowded layout drive your customers into the arms of another business.

One way to reduce overcrowding is to think of alternative ways to group products. Instead of trying to list all of your shirts on one page, try splitting things up by sleeve length or the type of fabric the shirts are made from, for example. Anything that gives you a little bit of difference will allow you to keep each section of the online shop looking sleek and well formed, and will visually please the viewer. Sites that have a uniform and familiar presentation actually increase the value of what they display in the eyes of the viewer.

Quality Doesn’t Come Cheap

Should you spring to get the prettiest theme in the land? If it’s got the same functionality as the other less beautiful, and more likely less expensive, themes, then the answer is probably not. Prettiness is often a quality that is added on top of the most functional themes for your online store, but that doesn’t make it the only thing that you can have. A beautiful theme isn’t worth more than a layout that puts your products on display to the best advantage. A beautiful theme that is equal in functionality might be something you want to invest in if you’re going for a particular feel, but consider what else you might be able to do for your business if you didn’t spend that money there.

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