Less-Known WordPress Features You Need To Know

12 Less-Known WordPress Features You Need To Know

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In this modern age, from individuals to every reputable organization prefers to build an online portfolio to enhance their brand awareness. Since not everyone can learn web development and hire developers with higher rates. There are a number of content management systems, also known as CMS, available on the market that allows you to manage your website with just basic knowledge computer.

WordPress is a free open source content management platform which has been growing so rapidly with its amazing features including a plugin architecture and template system. It has been voted as the most popular website for blogging and its management. It is used by several websites. However, do some of those really cool and prominent features, others get overlooked and are missed. We will focus on those obscure features of WordPress and how they are useful to you.

1. Screen options

This is one of the features that are really simple and a lot of beginners are unaware of it. The WordPress screen has certain features already presented by default but by clicking on the “Screen options” located on the top right corner of your page, you will have access to many other features that can be used for screening features.

Screen Options

It features certain options like categories, tags, format, author etc. The purpose of this option is to make things easier for the admin, like editing post for managing your workflow.

Screen Options 1

For instance, one can easily customize the main screen of WordPress to enhance the workflow and make quick tasks – increasing productivity to another level. Also, when it comes to managing multiple sites, this feature really provides greater benefits.

2. Make links by adding URL

Mostly, in order to change a word or text into a link, we use “hyperlink” option. However, with WordPress inline link feature, making a link is easier now. With this feature, present in WordPress 4.9.4 , you don’t have to use a popup to paste a link, instead, you can copy a URL then select the text you want to convert in a link and press CTRL+V. Your text will become URL automatically.

This feature saves us from using hyperlinks that surely takes a lot of time than just copy-pasting the link into the hyperlink field of a word document. Also, you can accomplish all this within the WordPress rather than relying on dedicated word software.

3. Embedding Media Like video, images

Embedding any sort of media can take time, especially if we are trying to embed a video; you are initially supposed to download and save it and then add it to your respective site. WordPress has made this work easier, now all you have to do is copy the URL of your concerned media and paste it into WordPress. The good thing it supports social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other popular sites. This featured was introduced to avoid coding and HTML and it can support any kind of media including videos, images, documents, sounds etc.

Embedding Media Like video, images

While this feature can save a lot of time, a web hosting that experience significant downtime can affect your website’s performance while embedding the video from the specified source. Make sure to conduct a thorough research and go through different web hosting reviews to find the best choice.

4. Preview Themes

Changing WordPress theme can have changes in web design and layout which is usually the most feared scenario for a designer. Nonetheless, WordPress has introduced responsive previews that can be seen both on desktop and phones.

Responsive Preview

All you have to do is click on “Appearance” then navigate your way to “Customize” where you can see 3 small icons.

Preview Themes

Choose whichever theme you want. You can click on the “live preview” button if you want to have an idea about which theme looks more suitable.

5. Dashboard widgets and its accessibility

While using WordPress, the user is taken to dashboard page present in WordPress area. Here you can see multiple divided sections in form of many boxes called widgets. Widgets contain many shortcuts that can direct to different pages on the website. But did you know you can show or delete those using “Screen options” in the admin area. You can also introduce new widgets by adding different plugins. Also with the help of drag and drop option, the widgets can be moved from one column to another.

Dashboard widgets and its accessibility

Dragging and dropping widgets is a simple task, but if your mouse isn’t working or your cursor doesn’t move, this simple task can become a huge pain. But if you know this feature of WordPress, you can make it easier again. All you have to do is click on Appearance then to widgets and then finally to screen options and you have activated the accessibility mode of widgets.

6. Full Screen to Avoid Distraction

When we are focused on something like watching a movie or writing a blog, we prefer that our concentration doesn’t break and we stay focus on just one thing that’s important at the moment. While using WordPress there are several options present on the sidebar that can distract from the real purpose of writing, but this problem has also be taken in account by the WordPress team. All you have to do is go to the toolbar present under visual view and text view and enter a full-screen mode. All the sidebars will be hidden and you will have a bigger space to do your work.

Full Screen to Avoid Distraction

Now, this feature can really help you embed a lot of features on a single screen. As WordPress is the leading content management system used by the majority of websites online, it is essential to select the best website builder for yourself that is compatible with WordPress as well as other primary features of managing a site.

7. Dividing single post into multiple ones

Sometimes adding all the necessary information results in a lengthy page, this just gives a crampy look and is not favorable to eyes. You don’t want people to get scared with the bombardment of information but you also don’t want to cut off any important details. A simple thing to do in such a case is to divide your single post into multiple posts. This not only makes your writing more spacious and easy on eyes but also usually bloggers are short on time, dividing your post into multiple pages gives them option to skip to their required information ultimately making them satisfied. For this, you have to click on the text editor, right next to visual editor and add

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