Marketstack – A Free Real-Time Stock Market Data API

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If you are considering adding a real-time stock market data to your web application, make it happen with Marketstack.

It is a simple to use solution that you can utilize entirely free of charge. That said, even if you would just like to test the waters, do it without a sweat.

Only when ready, you can upgrade to a premium plan that comes at a small fee. More on that later.

With Marketstack, you can benefit from real-time stock data that is available to you through over 125,000 worldwide tickers. Not just that, you can even track statistics that are more than thirty years old. However, all these features depend on the plan you go with.

If you need stock information in JSON format, you get it with the convenient and powerful Marketstack.

Note: the tool works with 72 global stock exchanges, like NYSE, Nasdaq and more.

Setup takes only 5 minutes

What’s cool about Marketstack is the fact of how easy and quick it is to get started. After all, everyone has five minutes to spare, and that’s enough to put this REST API into practice.

It is an ideal solution both for beginner and professional web developers, making sure everyone witness great results with it. That said, no ifs, no buts and no maybes.

Pricing and plans

If you would like to kick things off as fast as possible, you do not even need to use your credit card.

The free plan supports up to 1,000 monthly requests, one year history and end-of-day data. If this suits you, you can even use Marketstack’s free bundle forever. It does not come with any hidden fees.

However, there are three premium alternatives and the custom Enterprise solution, guaranteeing you to find the right fit regardless of how large your project is.

In short, Marketstack is for everyone without a shadow of a doubt. Whether you are running a news site, a financial business website, heck even a school or university, Marketstack works like a charm.

Keep in mind, if you decide to go with the yearly billing, you can score yourself a 20% discount right from the get-go.

Some of the features from the premium versions include 10+ year history, HTTPS encryption, technical support, intraday data and over 10,000 requests per month. Of course, you can easily upgrade when need be.

Speaking of upgrades, Marketstack handles anything from hundreds of requests per month to millions per day. It covers anything and everything without a hitch.

With over thirty thousand companies and more than seventy universities using Marketstack, you know this market stock API is a serious deal. Revolut, Amazon, Microsoft, Uber and Garmin are just a few of the companies that successfully use Marketstack.

How to get started?

You only need to fill out the free form plan and that’s it. From then on, Marketstack will guide you further, giving you access to its amazing features and functions.

If you are ready to make a difference, take charge now, create an account and you are all set to move forward on the right foot.

Adding a stock market data in JSON format to your application turns out to be much simpler than you thought.

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