Zenscrape Is The Simplest [Free] Web Scraper

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As the name suggests, Zenscrape is a fantastic solution if you are on the search for a scarping API.

Instead of doing the work yourself or paying a hefty fee to hire a team of coders to do it for you, let Zenscrape help you simplify the process – for free.

You read that right, to get the traction going, Zenscrape, made by SaaS Industries, does not require to spend a single penny.

Not only is extracting HTML from any website a piece of cake with the right tool, but it is also entirely free of charge. Yet the performance is of the highest quality, making sure you get the most out of it without a hassle.

With that in mind, you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. Once you experience the superb Zenscrape real-time, all the rest becomes history.

There is a lot more to Zenscrape.

Pricing and plans

Along with the free plan, you can also pick between four additional premium packages, ranging from $9.99 and all the way to $199.99 on a yearly basis. Yes, you pay once a year and not need to worry about it for twelve months straight.

Of course, at any given time, you can also upgrade or downgrade (cancel, too) to a different plan if necessary.

For instance, when it comes to the free plan, it supports up to 1500 monthly requests, JS rendering, geotargeting and self-service onboarding.

Meanwhile, the most popular plan, Medium, offers up to 2500,000 monthly requests and unlimited concurrent requests. The price of the Medium plan is $24.99, and you can use the terrific features and functions of Zenscrape for a whole year.

You do not always need to invest large budgets when it comes to using 3rd-party tools, which help you drastically save time and energy.

Fast and reliable data extraction

When working with a convenient and easy to use Zenscrape, you can expect quick and accurate results. In other words, “get exactly what users see.”

Moreover, Zenscrape executes API requests in the same way as a browser, like Chrome, would do it. While you continue focusing on the on code-parsing, let Zenscrape sort things out when it comes to data aggregation.

30+ Million Rotating IPs and Javascript rendering

For the smoothness of Zenscrape operation, the tool access IP addresses from all over the world. To be more exact, each of the requests is assigned to a different IP. And if it happens that the request slips, Zenscrape immediately tries to find another IP which will provide the necessary result.

As for the Javascript rendering, Zenscrape ensures you get the data exactly how a real user sees it on a website. Have in mind, Zenscrape fully supports pages using Vue, React and other front-end frameworks.

This scraping API is effortless to use, as it returns JSON object with the HTML markup. Instead of relying on someone else to do it, let the powerful Zenscrape help you out, extracting data with lightning-fast response times.

Do yourself a favor, sign up for a free Zenscrape plan today and see it in action. Play around with the possibilities and enjoy the fantastic outcome.

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