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One of the biggest advantages of working with WordPress content management tool is its ability to access unlimited array of WordPress plugins that enhances WordPress content functionalities by speeding up its power drastically. These WordPress  plugins allow everyone of us to work smoothly without experiencing any networking problem.


So lets have a look towards few professionally advance WordPress plug-ins:-


TinyMCE Advanced Plug-ins

Though we all are quite aware of the fact that WordPress comes with one built-in editing feature that is commonly pronounced as“What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) editor, there might arise a situation when this editor can access more plug-in functionalities than any other default WordPress plug-in feature. So, TinyMCE Advanced Plug-in feature adds few advance components such as tables and font-family selection to your WordPress website’s content. It further allows an administrator to customize various buttons that are added to the toolbar by following a proper order.


Gravity Forms

Gravity Form is one of the best and most recommended WordPress plug-in tool that comes with robust features on the market. Gravity Forms are used to create and design numerous of simple contact forms, various complex registration forms with proper payment integration process. Working with Gravity Forms of WordPress encourage WordPress users to tie-up forms directly to various kinds of popular services that include MailChimp, Constant Contact, Paypal and various other CRM software platforms.

Every WordPress beginners will surely like its easy to use drag-and-drop interface option that deals with the simple plug-in configuration process. Professional WordPress plug-in users can easily develop blogs or contents on Gravity Forms by accessing extremely sophisticated styling features, conditional logic method, and various advance template hooks.



Wordfence WordPress plug-in comes with the advance option to secure your WordPress tool that involves much of the handwork to protect every WordPress site. This advance professional plug-in effectively scans each and every WordPress themes as well as plugins to protect you against any malware that might put your system in the intrusion. Its biggest benefit of using is that it enforces exceptionally strong password practices by enabling brute-force attack protection.


Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin is built according to latest industry standards for on-page search engine optimization handling process. Yoast enables every site owner to follow a proper customize process about each title of SEO  posts as well as SEO page with the proper meta description. Yoast SEO enables every WordPress users to rank their WordPress blogs by determining a proper keyword search pattern. Yoast comes under one of the best practice tools regarding optimizing every content.



BackupBuddy is an easy-to-use plugin that allows a partial as well as the full backup process of your WordPress account by further allowing each one of us who are working with the content to schedule a regular database backups to protect every new-updated content from malicious users that might lead to loss of data.

BackupBuddy plug-in enables us to create offsite content backups such as one of those in Dropbox and Google Drive or on another FTP server. If you ever want to migrate your website  into a different server, then BackUpBuddy WordPress plugin  is the best choice for you to handle a proper migration process into another server by making it much easier for you to deal with such situations


Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Google Analytics is a one of the most advance and powerful WordPress plug-in attribute used for tracking the site’s traffic by keeping a proper tracking of usage statistics. The Google Analytics Dashboard plugin offers you with high potent analytic tools that are directly appended into the WordPress dashboard section. While working with GA information tool, easily compare your post as well as your page traffic and its performance without diverting yourself from the current website.

Enable Media

Well, its obviously real thought to continuously keep everything updated related to images as well as your documents on specific websites but the other hand it might lead to few complicated issues when attempting to manage any outdated or broken links to your old media library items. In this case, enabling your Media Replace offers an interface that can replace your numerous of current files with appropriate links to your newly created files.


Visual Composer

Visual Composer enables a drag-and-drop page builder option to users that encourages an administrator tailor to draft a content page using a variety of elements such as widgets, social media icons, call-to-action buttons, content tabs as well as accordions. The plugin offers a procedure to creating rows as well ass columns that are both mobile-based and responsive compatible.


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