Responsive Web Design [Infographic]

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In modern times, web designing is essential to keep up with the latest trends. In recent days, a business can be display in any device and to have a responsive web design means that your website will correctly show in any mobile device.

Responsive Web design is a method of web design to render the web pages on a variety of devices of a different screen. The RWA will make sure that users will have comfortable visual experience when accessing your website with a not-full-width browser. RWA enhanced the web page for reading and navigation by resizing, scrolling and planning for different screen device


Advantages OF Responsive Web Design

The motive behind RWA is to avoid scrolling and to resize the web page. RWA concludes of fluid grid concept, flexible image CSS3 media queries, etc. The point is that the page elements are resized more in personage, than in pixels.

Cost effective and Save Time

Responsive website design can eliminate improvement time and cost. With responsive web design, the design is cupon the fluid grid because of this there is only one design of your website. This saves a lot of time of developers & designers.

Those sites which are not design on RWA for mobile device don’t offer navigation techniques. Along with this, they also required the users to maintain separate web pages for their website.


In April 2015 Google formally guaranteed that responsive design would influence look rankings on cell phones. Since the responsive web design is built upon single URL so there will be no duplication of your website that improves the ranking of your website. This will likewise hold for sharing your site via web-based networking media systems since all traffic will be headed to and from a similar source.

Enriched UI/UX

Perusing a responsive site with a cell phone you don’t need to sit idle with zooming, contracting, and squeezing your screen. The site consequently acclimates to your screen measure. Responsive web design makes the design flexible and fit for every display. Along with this, it will enable you to outline the content of the website according to the device screen.

Disadvantages of Responsive web design

1. Especially in e-commerce, it is necessary to keep in mind that the position of modules can be changed.

2. The quick visual glance needs to change the size of the browser’s window- it is the primary test. Usually, emulators-based testing is conducted, but it will not provide the real results.

3. To be in competition, your website or application needs to work effectively with every update of the operating system as well as an actual mobile device, the particular analytics, for example, Google Analytics, can be used.

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