SEO Features To Look For in a WordPress Theme

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The SEO landscape is always changing, with search engines trying to ensure that all websites are as fast, secure, and built with user experiences in mind. If you own a WordPress site, you should choose a theme that is built with SEO best practices in mind. This way, your website will be easier to rank and your visitors will have a great time when they visit it. If you have already chosen a theme for your website, how do you know that it is following SEO best practices? Also, if you want to launch a WordPress website, how do you choose a theme that follows these best practices?

Check The Underlying Code

One of the best ways to know if the theme you have or are considering will hurt your SEO is to look at the underlying HTML code. All great themes utilize clean and valid HTML. If the theme you choose does not, you will have problems with your SEO and your website will not look that nice.

You do not have to be a developer to know if a website is using clean and valid code. There are a lot of HTML validation tools that can help with that. If the theme you are using or considering has considerable HTML errors, it will cause problems with your SEO.

Check How it Uses Headings

Headings give your website structure and help guide search engine spiders around your website. If the theme does not have a proper heading structure, spiders will not crawl your content as they should. According to Australian based agency SEO Advantage, if search engine spiders are not able to crawl your website, it will likely not be ranked as it should.

IN addition to the theme making use of proper headings, it is crucial that you also ensure your content makes use of them before publishing. Your theme might support proper headings but if you forget to utilize them, it will be as if they do not exist at all.

Check The URLs

While WordPress does allow you to set the structure of your URLs through its settings, some themes make it harder to get the URLs right. A long URL with lots of numbers is not user-friendly and is often ignored by spiders. So, check that the theme makes use of the right URL structure, in the form of, and that it is possible to set the proper link structure in the settings.


Google, the major search engine, is taking mobile-friendly websites very seriously, and some think that it is ranking mobile-friendly websites higher. Also, Google has started adding labels in search results to indicate which websites are mobile-friendly.

It goes without saying that the theme you choose should not only resize according to the size of the screen it is being looked at but must also be usable on a small screen. Google has a convenient tool that helps you check if a website built using a certain theme is mobile-friendly or not.

While there are hundreds of thousands of WordPress to choose from, the one you choose can hurt your SEO and website’s ranking. IT is therefore important to check that it has the necessary SEO features and its developer followed SEO best practices during its development.

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