SEO optimization of a WordPress website

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WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems, developed to support various types of websites. This platform allows you to easily manage your website, by adding new content or editing content without knowledge of programming languages. WordPress is a solution that is very friendly to organic SEO.

What exactly is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Interchangeably used terms: SEO off-page and on-page include a wide range of activities from a variety of areas, including IT (primarily front-end and back-end), marketing (e.g. blog-writing), and data from web analytics resources. All of this experience, when applied successfully, leads to an increase in the popularity of a particular website in organic search results, i.e. those that are not paid or the product of advertisements (e.g. Google Ads).

What are the main elements of optimizing a WordPress website?

The main elements of optimizing a WordPress site include properly setting up the content management system by adjusting the source code, templates, semantic tags, and content. In the process, it is necessary to verify that the site meets Google’s requirements. WordPress optimization includes solutions that improve the performance of the website, speed up indexation and favor the positioning of products or categories of the online shop. Implementing SEO changes and creating new content requires long-term work to achieve the desired results. The effects of WordPress optimization activities become visible only after some time. You can also hire companies that specialize in technical search engine optimization services.

Why is optimization crucial for SEO?

SEO is one of the key aspects of promoting a website online. Google robots analyze millions of sites every day, deciding on their inclusion in the index based on content. Websites that are considered attractive and valuable have a greater chance of being displayed in search results for specific keywords. The more effective the optimization, the easier it is to carry out SEO and achieve better results in the Google ranking. This process allows you to make changes to the content and code of the website and thus eliminate errors that may negatively affect the website’s position. A correctly optimized website loads faster and provides the search engine with the right amount of information and is intuitive for users.

Is it better to do the optimization yourself or use experts? 

WordPress optimization can be carried out on your own, as the system offers access to many practical SEO tools. However, due to a lack of experience and skills, many people choose to entrust this kind of task to experts. SEO specialists can prepare a WordPress site from scratch in such a way that it is Google-friendly. Using experts removes the risk that optimization will be carried out incorrectly or ineffectively. This solution protects you from wasting time and money while ensuring long-term cooperation and measurable SEO results.

What are helpful plugins and tools to improve the SEO optimization of WordPress websites?

WordPress is based on a plugin architecture that allows you to extend the functionality of your website. The platform offers access to over 50,000 such tools with many custom features. Plugins can improve the search engine optimization process by affecting the content and technical issues of a website. An example of such a tool is Yoast SEO, providing access to keyword optimization features, internal link suggestions, or generating previews of social media posts. More advanced plugins include, for example, SEO Framework, which allows you to optimize the speed of your site. To introduce extensions in search results, there is, for example, the All-In-One Schema Rich Snippet plugin, which is easy to configure.

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