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How to Set Your Cryptocurrency Blog Apart From The Competition

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Cryptocurrency is a hot topic in the blogging world right now. Many established sites started adding their own Cryptocurrency section to grab the audience’s attention. There are also sites that specifically talk about cryptocurrency – or a particular crypto – as a way to tap into the niche.

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In a previous article, we talked about how you can use free WordPress plugins to add cryptocurrency charts and tickers to your site. Of course, adding a chart is only the beginning. There are other ways to set your cryptocurrency blog apart from the competition. We are going to discuss some of the best strategies to implement in this article.

A Good WordPress Theme For A Great Start

One thing before we dig into it. If you are new to the subject and are starting a fresh blog, picking up a dedicated theme will help your out tremendously. One cryptocurrency WordPress theme of the highest quality is, undoubtedly, Tolarcek.

With the convenient and sophisticated crypto blog building tool, you can easily craft a cryptocurrency blog in one sitting.

Let’s now further investigate how to differentiate yourself from the blogging crypto hype. Hint: it is actually way simpler than you think. It is only a matter of incorporating some additional information, personal touches and an extra element here and there.

Provide Plenty of Information

Providing valuable content to the audience is still the best way to attract visitors and to keep them coming back for more. One of the leading sites for cryptocurrency and blockchain news, Unblock, regularly post updates about ICOs, changes happening on the market, and new developments around this hot topic to attract visitors.

There are plenty of news – and news sources – to discuss. Since we are talking about a cryptocurrency blog, it is better to add your personal point of view to the articles you post. That brings us to our next strategy, which is…

Add Personal Touches

Any site can write about cryptocurrency. What will set your blog apart from the competition is your personal take on the latest news and developments. You want to write from a very personal point of view; the audience will quickly recognize that point of view and will want to read more of your articles.

Adding personal touches to the content you post is also a great way to build a loyal audience base. You can use your own writing style, incorporate words you would use in a conversation, and position yourself as an opinionated party in the cryptocurrency world.

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Integrate Charts Seamlessly

We mentioned the free WordPress plugins you can add to your cryptocurrency blog in the beginning. These plugins let you add cryptocurrency tickers or a complete chart. Unblock also displays a Bitcoin chart at the top of the page, but Unblock’s integration of the cart is unique.

Instead of adding a candlestick chart to the page, Unblock makes the chart appear as an inseparable part of the page. The color scheme, the choice of font, and the way the chart is laid out are all in line with the overall design of the site.

This type of integration is exactly what you need. There is a certain wow factor that you can only get when you integrate the cryptocurrency chart or ticker seamlessly.

Accept Crypto Payments

One last thing to add to the site, especially if you offer products and services on the site, is cryptocurrency as a payment option. If you’re selling memberships, digital products, or even tangible merchandises to the audience, accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a valid payment method is a huge plus.

With these strategies implemented properly, you can lead the already-crowded coin market with your blog. It won’t be long before you have avid readers that eagerly wait for your next post.

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