Why Social Login is Beneficial for E-Commerce Websites

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Forward-looking e-commerce retailers are constantly striving to provide social proof, encourage customers’ engagement with their brand and boost conversion rates as a result. Major online web stores offer a social login option to do just that!

Facts speak louder than words, so here are some stats:

  • About 80% of users feel irritated by having to create a separate account for each website they enjoy;
  • More than 90% of users tend to leave the sites that require specific login;
  • Over 70% of online shoppers think that social login an excellent solution.

This data pretty obviously shows that replacing a long registration form with a social login on your web store is a wise decision. The good news is that technical implementation of this feature is fairly simple; you just need to pick a suitable and reliable tool. You’ll notice the increase of registration conversions almost immediately. It’s definitely beneficial for an e-commerce enterprise, though the outcome can be even more impressive when you use the power of social media to the full.

Look through these tips and enrich your marketing strategy with the best practices of social login use. We are also using it on our website as it benefits our customers greatly.


Offer Hassle-Free Sign Up

Coming up with a set of a new username and password, entering a name, address, e-mail, and other data is time-consuming and boring for a visitor. This long process scares potential customers away and turns their attention to competitors who don’t insist on traditional registration. This is especially true for mobile users because of the small keyboards on their devices.

Convenience is the key to your customers’ hearts! Let them sign up quickly with social credentials and spend more time browsing your store for the desired products. Even if the very first visit will not result in a purchase, the experience would be pleasant, so chances are that shoppers will return.

Keep in mind that not every user wants to sign up with a social ID. It might be a good idea to offer a choice between a standard registration form and a quick sign in. The chart below will help you find the perfect balance for your business.

Image source LoginRadius Report


Personalize User Accounts Right from the Start

Everybody wants to feel special, that’s just how human minds work. Customization is the new battlefield in 2017. Social login can give you a huge advantage: you’ll have an access to buyers’ personal profiles. You’ll get a chance to autofill some of the necessary basic information, as well as personalize an account with a photo and a direct welcoming message.

Moreover, with the help of social networks you’ll get to really know your consumers – find out about their interests and hobbies, likes and dislikes. It means that your targeted ads and marketing campaigns would be based on the customer’s need for a particular product or offer. Facebook profiles are a great source of advertiser data; you just need to tap into it!


Track Social Login Preferences

Don’t take a guess trying to figure out the ideal social network for sign ups; allow your customers to make the choice. A diversity of available options is especially important for international businesses because people in different countries have their own inclinations. Magento social login extension can be easily configured to support at least four social websites for sign ups.

Variety drives trust and increases registration at least by 15%. Users will appreciate your effort to meet their expectations. Besides, the list of the most popular social networks is constantly changing, so multiple options would keep you on the safe side. The graph below reflects the latest trends of 2017.

Image source Dreamgrow

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Increase Brand Engagement

For an e-commerce website, by its very nature, it’s quite difficult to engage with clients. Your efforts to interact with customers might end up sounding like a sales pitch. With a social login you just make it easier for buyers to share their “shopping stories” and wishlists with friends and family.

Social media enthusiasts stay online 24/7; often they chat about merits and demerits of goods and services. It increases brand awareness, builds up your reputation and doesn’t look like an add. Also, the users who have logged in through social networks tend to leave more comments and reviews on your e-commerce website.


Case in Point

Furniture retailer West Elm provides an easy, streamlined sign up process. The seller allows consumers to choose whether they want to fill in a standard registration form or sign up using social media credentials. West Elm explains the benefits of signing in via social networks and emphasizes that social login is simply one less password to remember, and they will never post anything to the customer’s account. Such a reminder builds up trust and shows respect, so the user feels comfortable about sharing personal data. Large social media icons make it easy to identify the alternate login options at a glance.


A Selection of the Best Social Login Plugins for WordPress

If you already feel inspired and just want to integrate social login to your web store, go ahead! Here are the three most popular WordPress plugins that will give a new look to your site. They will all seamlessly integrate into your existing website, it doesn’t matter which WordPress Theme you are using.


Social Login

This is an elegant and effective choice for anyone who wants to add login option via social networks to a WordPress site. When this free solution is installed, your visitors can quickly create an account, sign in and leave comments using their social credentials. The choice of available networks is huge, so you’ll definitely find what suits your business needs.


Ultimate Membership Pro

It’s a multi-tool for your web store. You should pay attention to this plugin if you wish to combine social login with several other options and create an entire membership system. Help your customers feel special by granting them exclusive access to certain pages of your store based on paid or free packages.

Super Socializer

As well as allowing buyers to sign up via social networks, this plugin has a number of other tricks up its sleeve. It includes nearly every type of integration that can be achieved between web stores on WordPress and social media. The visitor’s profile info and email will be saved to your database, allowing you to reach out and communicate with your customers. Wonderful, isn’t it?



With all that information you can see that social login delivers value for both consumers and merchants, but remember that it’s not the only way to go. Offer a choice of sign up options and give customers control over how they want to interact with you.


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