Why WordPress is so Popular Among the Students

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In the last few years, the way in which educational institutions teach their students has changed in many ways. These days, they are highly encouraged to research various topics and then develop their own opinions and conclusions which can be shared with others. Their teachers often task them to write literature reviews on various pieces of text that they are researching for their assignments. This is done to help the students gain a better understanding of the text and also to formulate their own thoughts more formally.

Writing also helps students carve out useful information from all the digital ‘noise’ they find on a subject. Such written works are often so good that the writers decide to publish them online for others to see, whether to help others out or to start a conversation. And that is where WordPress comes in. It is a free website creation platform that people can use to develop and launch their own website. Here, they can write about anything they want – from literature reviews they’ve written for research purposes to fan fiction about their favorite anime!

The Need for WordPress for Students

Before we talk about why WordPress is so popular among them, let’s see in more detail why students need a platform such as WordPress in the first place. The main reason is, as mentioned before, that it lets young people share their work with the world. Having the ability to share a literature review online and generating a conversation through their writing opens many possibilities for the writers and the readers. “The sharing of college research with the rest of the world is one of the things that will take the world further in terms of development. A student who develops an idea or ideas based on the motivation to learn will come up with raw and eye-opening writings. And so they need to be read by others to gain a fresh perspective on certain issues.”, says Daniel Adams, an expert writer at papersowl.com who acknowledges the importance of college research. Using WordPress for education in this way allows young researchers to share their work and engage with other like-minded individuals from around the world.

5 Reasons for the Popularity of WordPress Student Sites

1.   The Simplicity of Starting Out

The first reason why WordPress student websites are getting more popular is that the platform is very easy to get started with. Anyone who wishes to publish their work online on a proper website rather than on a Facebook page or something similar can do so in a matter of minutes on this platform. There are many different layouts to choose from so you don’t even have to overthink how you want your website to look, and you certainly don’t need any knowledge of HTML or any background of coding to set things up. So, someone who has some texts already written and ready to be published can sign up and start publishing to the world in no time.

2.   The Potential for Growth

While it may be simple enough to use by pretty much anyone with some knowledge of computers and of the internet, WordPress doesn’t just stop there. Students can also do and learn a lot more when they start using this platform. Some things that users may end up learning while using WordPress include modifying HTML codes, sourcing images, embedding media and creating it, connecting with people around the world, and much more. When they learn something new, their experience improves. They are able to start tweaking their website and their content in a much more detailed manner and can use this educational WordPress in a completely different way if they want. Developing such skills can also lead many users to do this sort of thing professionally, so this is a great way to share research and teach young learners a lot about digital media and website creation.

3.   Access to Plugins

For students who don’t have a lot of time to tinker with their educational website before publishing new content, there are a whole lot of plugins that can help. One of the very best things about WordPress is the sheer number of high-quality plugins available. Those that can help with publishing improve the design and even those that can improve the SEO of a WordPress student website to make it more accessible to people around the world. Having such flexibility through easy-to-use plugins that can improve their website’s functionality is what students can really get a lot out of while using this platform.

4.   The Versatility

One more reason that makes WordPress the go-to educational website-creator is that the users can make their website unique. It’s not just a blogging tool but rather a fully capable system that allows people to add media to their posts and do much more. Students, for example, can use it to make their online portfolios and magazines too. They can also turn their literature review or research blog into an eCommerce store later on in life and make a career out of selling products or services. This versatile nature of the platform makes it excellent for young people because they can get started with it while studying and then carry on to create a complete livelihood from it if they so wish.

5.   The Sharing Controls

Many students often work on research projects in groups. So what if the whole group wants to work on writing a blog post or research paper on their website? Well, WordPress allows them to do that too. They can control their website like a team, and each member can be given as many or as little capabilities as you wish. This allows groups of researchers to share their work online without losing any access or ownership of their work.


WordPress for students is a great way to share research work or any other kind of work they wish to showcase to the world. It’s a very good option to start creating a positive online footprint for young people who wish to develop a strong identity over the internet, apart from social media platforms. It lets students share their work or just be themselves by sharing their opinions on different issues. It also lets them collaborate with others, hear their readers’ opinions, and engage in healthy conversations. And to top it all off, it gives them a chance to turn their simple blogging website into a full-fledged informational website in the future and make a career out of writing or researching.

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