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In addition to advertising, the mobile application also locates the brand of the company, provides information about the target customer, and evaluates the user behavioral factors. Your business will become different, increase your competitive advantage when participating in the online market. Digital transformation services in Singapore are increasingly used by creating applications on digital stores to optimize solutions for sales, marketing… to improve business efficiency and competitiveness. 

So, what is mobile application development? And who are the top digital transformation consulting software companies in Singapore? What are the benefits and considerations when implementing digital transformation solutions? We will find out through the write-up below! 

What is Application Development?

Immersed with the speed of economic development in general and the Information technology industry in particular worldwide, Singapore is a prominent name in the list of leading countries in applying science and technology into national key industry. Proof of this, according to research results published on, by 2020, Singapore has up to 8.56 million smart mobile device users (up to 95% of all devices are mobile phones.), accounting for up to 1.5 times the population of the country. In which, 88% of about 5.14 million users of these devices access the internet.  

According to this statistic, each Singaporean spends up to 6 hours and 48 minutes accessing the internet every day. These numbers show that Singapore is a very lucrative market for businesses that have gone digitally. With the number of smart mobile users exploding today, reaching customers with mobile applications is extremely necessary.

Mobile application development is the process of creating software for a mobile device. This application software is purchased by users through “app stores” such as Google Play, App Store, … The main work is to design and build applications that run directly on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, … The most popular programming languages developing an application are Java, Swift, Objective – C, … these applications are operated through platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, or Web.

It can be said that this is difficult work since it requires time, skills, and financial resources. However, in a potential market like Singapore will certainly not be difficult for you to find a digital

transformation consulting company, they can help you solve the problem of application development in the smoothest and most effective way.

A mobile application is considered to be successful in assuring the following criteria: 

Addressing customer needs

An application created needs a clear definition of its purpose and how it can be of help to customers and the business as well. Don’t waste money building an app that doesn’t have a clear business purpose. Enterprises should conduct careful research on customer behavior and need to come up with a suitable application. 

Ease of use

Any application should give priority to speed and flexibility in use. If an application is too complex or the arrangement is not logical, it can lead to users abandoning the app at first use.

Developed on popular application platforms 

Currently, iOS and Android are the two most popular technology platforms. Developing an application framework on these two platforms can be the essential elements of the application’s success.

High performance

Optimize the fastest launch possible, users will not persistently wait long for the first-time use. This is also important to evaluate bugs, crashes, or slow performance.

Eye-catching interface 

Customers will be easily attracted by applications with simple yet eye-catching interfaces. Therefore, you need to choose colors and fonts that are suitable for your business, but still, have to be as simple as possible.

All the above factors will be guaranteed if you use the service of reputable digital transformation companies.

Leading App Development Companies in Singapore

Given the variety currently on the market, it is difficult to decide which software development company is best. However, we can conditionally list the following companies that excel in their quality and reputation as one of the industry leaders:



As one of Singapore’s reputable, quality, and award-winning application development companies, the main product is the creation of high-quality mobile apps, games and websites. Although established in 2010, Codigo contributes significantly to the app market, with more than 300 applications in the store. Codigo also expands services from application design such as user interface development, iOS-based mobile application development, Android-based mobile application development, digital marketing, and digital experience improvement. Also, Codigo offers practical courses for young programmers looking for real collision opportunities at Codigo School.

Main platforms: iOS, Android, Windows

Services: mobile app design and development, web application development, UI / UX design,

start-up incubation, backend development, and digital marketing.


TechTIQ Solutions


Considered as one of the famous Singapore digital transformations. The company offers enterprise software design and development services, in addition to expanding into the arts of building, developing, and optimizing smartphone apps. One of the factors that make TechTIQ Solutions Singapore’s most sought after is its emphasis on user experience, optimal design techniques, and thorough analysis.

Main platforms: iOS, Android, React Native, API, .NET Core, .NET MVC, Java, RoR,

PHP, ReactJS, Angular, Devops, Python, Azure / AWS.

Services: Comprehensive mobile application development, e-commerce platform development,

software development, digital transformation, and website development.


Sleek Digital


Founded in 2011 Sleek Digital is known as a Singapore digital solution company with the aim of providing mobile solutions for businesses. With a mission to be the top app company cum digital consultancy for businesses in Singapore, Sleek Digital has a presence in many countries in the Asia Pacific region and is one of the best app development companies in Singapore.

Main Platforms: Android, iOS, Hybrid, Windows.

Service line: mobile app engagement automation and development, content management

systems, indoor mapping.


Swag Soft


Swag Soft is one of Singapore’s Top Application Developers voted by App Furata 2018, specializing in providing high quality software products and applications for a wide range of industries. The company’s rich experience and quality are confirmed through the list of major customers using Swag Soft services, even government agencies and many large and small companies around Singapore.

Main platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, iBeacon, Virtual and Augmented reality

Service line: Android and iOS development, game development, iBeacon technology,

virtual and augmented reality development.




As an application development company based in Los Angeles, Credencys’ central goal is to establish marketing solutions through VR / AR applications. With the desire to support businesses to leverage technologies such as Cognitive Technologies, web, mobile, big data, and the Internet of Things. From startups to global giants (McDonald’s, Samsung, Cisco, Coca-Cola, etc.) and countless companies are relying on Credencys to create engaging experiences for their customers.

Main platforms: iOS, Android, VR / AR.

Service Line: custom mobile and web app development, UI / UX design, Enterprise

development, and a game studio.


IT Solution


IT Solution is listed as one of the leading mobile development companies in Singapore, with

a team of 40 developers making the name of IT Solution in the information technology industry. As an innovative web and mobile app developer servingSingapore for the past six years, IT Solution delivers major applications used by millions of Singaporeans: The Business Times, Prudential, OCBC, and the Straits Times.

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows, Hybrid.

Service Line: Mobile and web application development, UI / UX design, mobile game app

development, penetration testing services, cloud computing, and business intelligence.




Always in the top-rated companies in Singapore, Applify specializes in providing solutions to digitize processes and provide customized business solutions, information technology security, and chatbot services. Applify helps businesses large and small with extreme determination, paying attention to the smallest details, and making businesses become technology partners and scale together.

Currently, Applify is responsible for developing mobile apps for global clients and government agencies such as Singapore’s Ministry of Health and the Central Provident Fund Board.

Platform: Android, iOS, and Windows.

Service Line: mobile app consultancy, mobile app development (iOS / Android), a cyber-security consultancy, UX / UI interface design, penetration tests, AR / VR development, venture building, chatbots, and artificial intelligence.

What are the benefits of a mobile app?

When implementing a project, we always want to achieve one or some certain benefits, so does the development of a mobile application, it gives businesses some practical benefits that must be mentioned as:

For enterprise

There are specific and multi-purpose business applications depending on the areas of activity. Enterprise owners tend to appreciate popular, full-featured tools that make it easier for them to manage their business and optimize their workflow. For example, they choose applications that can do the following:

  • Operate with office documents
  • Organize, store and transfer data
  • Provide assistance with tax and legal information
  • Plan work schedules and tasks
  • Account management and human resources
  • Synthesis of business news and events

For marketing

Any company needs customers and partners to set up responses. Find out what your customers need by turning them into company mobile app users. Even if it’s simple promotional apps, it’s possible to promote new products. Provide your company’s marketers with the following usable tools

  • Develop content for blogs and community posts;
  • Work with social networks;
  • Processing of images and videos;
  • Collect data and conduct analytics;
  • Subscribe to brand mentions;
  • Send newsletters via messaging apps and other communication channels.

For users

An application becomes popular when it has functions that are useful and essential to humans. The company can promote its brand through a non-profit app, so the app itself can become a marketing tool. Just give the world something that’s really needed and get widespread recognition. The following types of applications will help the company become an assistant in the user’s personal life:

  • Educational applications, especially applications for mastering skills or language learning
  • Personality and psychological tests
  • Converter, measure, calculate, monitor
  • Motivational, diet, and sports applications
  • Personal financial management and accounting system at home
  • Manage work and shopping plans


To sum up, applications are created based on specific needs. When it comes to being professional or intended for advertising, then usually everything depends on the specifics of

the company. However, in recent years, it has often happened that the app is not complementary to the business, but rather the enterprise built around the application.

Written by: Thanh Pham (Bruce)

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