The shocking truth about parallax design

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Parallax scrolling is a new design trend in the website designing industry that interestingly has become quite popular. A majority of website owners has even integrated parallax scrolling effect in their websites.

As a matter of fact, internet is all about user navigation experience. Today, the web users want to get involved and entertained. They want to engage with the sites, if they are invited to do so. Parallax scrolling offers a wide variety of options for web users to engage and interact with the website. Parallax design has left such an impact on web designers and developers that they have even created WordPress themes with parallax scrolling effect. There are many reasons that make parallax scrolling a big hit.

Let’s discuss some of the interesting facts about parallax design.

  • Parallax concept is not something unique and new. It has been used in old video games, and recently integrated into website designing.
  • Parallax scrolling came into picture when Nike launched its new website design with the title “Nike Better World”. Nike gained a lot of attention from web users and applauded because of the integration of parallax scrolling design.
  • It has been becoming popular and most widely used design trend since it provides web users with a new and advanced viewing level.
  • Parallax design is used to create a sensation of 3D on web pages to either tell a story or highlight the website’s subject.
  • In this design trend the object is never steady. It keeps changing when viewed by two varied lines of view. Parallax scrolling effect is used to recognize distances.


What you can do with parallax scrolling effect?


You can do a lot of things with parallax scrolling design.

  1. Showcase your products in a different way:

Add more edge to your products with parallax design. Parallax scrolling offers a vivid way to showcase your products on your website. Without flash and video, web developers were only capable of showing static content on the site. However, new design trends enable your visitors to interact with your website.

  1. Add 3D effect

Instead of showing the same, old boring media on your website, get your personalized 3D images with the help of parallax scrolling.

  1. Tell a story

Parallax design is a great way to tell a story to your visitors. Since parallax scrolling is designed by integrating several layers, it allows your visitors to interact and go through your story at their own pace.

  1. Build curiosity among your visitors

Add animated, beautiful illustrations throughout the page and make your visitors curious about the story. As an instance, you can add simple lines “scroll down to escape into an action world” or merely writing “scroll down gently to feel the breeze”. When your visitors scroll down, they see an innovative motion setting.

Why to use parallax scrolling in your website?

  • Highlight call to action buttons for your visitors on the site. If your website is interesting and engaging, you have more chances of getting more call to action clicks. Telling a story through parallax scrolling and then making them click on call to action button will justify the action.
  • Parallax scrolling allows you to communicate a visual message to your visitors by adding 3D depth and scrolling effect, consequently engaging more visitors on your website.

However, make sure you do not overdo your website with parallax scrolling that web users get confused and find accessing your website complicated.


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