Top 10 Mass Emailing Software for Email Marketing Experts

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Looking for the best mass mailing software is something of a pain, and this is due to the simple reason that these software are used for a very important job, and that is to help companies and organizations stay in touch with their clientele.

It’s for reasons like this that organizations look for the very best software, which is reliable as well as something which will consistently deliver the results that they are looking for. Most of these mass emailing software’s come with the standard features and some advanced features which are also becoming standardized in the race to prove themselves.  Here we have a lineup of some of the best emailing software’s that organizations may want to have a closer look at.

  1. Send Blaster 3

Send Blaster 3

Another great mass emailing tool, designed to provide users with some of the best features when it comes to reaching out to their clients. One of the differences that this one offers is that this is a free software, hence it is worth looking into. It comes with all the features that the others have except for the advanced features, however this definitely also gets the job done.

  1. Email Marketing Pro

Email Marketing Pro

Another one of the great software out there that pretty much does the job well. It offers users with the ability of send mass mails and tracks things such as bounce back mails and mailing lists. Designed to manage large databases it does a very decent job of meeting all the requirements that large organizations have related to email marketing campaigns.

  1. 1AND1 Mail

1AND1 Mail

The specialty of this software is to help maximize the email deliverability, while at the same time it does its best to help users avoid being blacklisted by email service providers. Other features that are also available here are the email template downloader; this allows users to download the template of a website to use as a template.  Another feature that it has is that it allows the user to use multiple email accounts from different providers.

  1. Atomic Email Studio

Atomic Email Studio

Atomic Email Studio possesses some of the best qualities that users would look for in any emailing software. It has a string of interesting qualities that are required by any firm who is looking to get the best from their marketing and outreach programs. Some of the interesting features that it possesses are the email extraction; email validity check, unique email message creation, mailing list management which supports a lot of functions and a whole lot more than other mailing software’s. In addition to this users can also get a great deal on this one thanks to the voucher code that is available on Atomic Email Studio Voucher so this is definitely worth checking out.

  1. Email Marketing Director

Email Marketing Director

Allows you to do a lot of things with your emails; however a few of these need closer examination. While it does the job well and delivers the results that the client would like, some of the things that it also does are offer features for adding images onto the mail and urls; these are features that do not go well with any email service provider.

  1. GroupMail


This email allows you to send personalized mails to all the recipients of any group, which is a very good thing, there is nothing better than sending mails that are addressed to the reader rather than those bulk mails that are generic. It has the ability to detect bounces and deal with them instantly, which is also a good thing.

  1. Handymailer


Allows the user to accomplish many things that are essential for mass emailing, some of the things that it enables are the allowing for personalized messages, mail merge, sending mail without the user of the SMPT server and more. It also has all the standard features that one would expect in any mass mailing software.

  1. E-campaign


It allows the user easy use of the software, and this is actually a great feature, more than people give it credit for. Unlike some of the other software’s which are really overloaded with features to make them appear really good, this one does the job well and also has all the necessary features which are required.

  1. WorldCast


Designed to provide the user with a simple start up experience, it has 2 outstanding features, it’s simple to use and it is cost effective. It also gets the job done well and overall is not a bad software to have.

10. MultiEmail


It has a range of interesting features which are good however, they exist in numerous other software’s as well. It gets the job done effectively however and that is what matters in the end. It has the data bases for managing your email list, manages bounced emails, has the unsubscribe option, verifies emails, allows you to import images which is not the best thing for mass emailing however, and overall helps you to send some very attractive emails.

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