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5 Must-Have Types of Content for Your WordPress Blog

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Content is the most important tool for effectively promoting a site and increasing its rating. Why? Content is what people are looking for on the internet. Without valuable and useful information, the world wide web would not make sense. That is, by attracting people to your resource, you attract them to your content.

It is the visitors who determine how valuable and interesting your post is. If readers highly appreciated the content, they will become regular visitors, recommend you to their friends, and share the information received through social networks. And this is exactly what you need! A lot of people will know about your company and products, and your brand will be remembered. Traffic is impossible without content!

Constant work with the content on the site will help attract more visitors and increase the ranking of the resource in search results. That is, to increase site traffic with your own hands, you need to have interesting blog topics that your audience will really like. Of course, utility is not the only criterion that affects the quality of the content. However, it is important to effective SEO promotion, without which it would be impossible to increase the attendance of a blog or website.

The question arises: “What kind of content should I create?” We offer several options for attractive topics for posts that will interest readers. We want to note that these are basic formats. Each business niche or subject has its own characteristics and requires the development of an individual content strategy.

Types of content that generate more traffic to the site

1. Useful guides and how-to articles

Such articles carry the greatest usefulness. These can be detailed instructions that fully describe a specific process and give users all the necessary information on a particular topic. The deeper the coverage of the topic, the more useful the article will be. With more details and nuances described in the text, people will respond more positively to it. Try to describe in detail each step of the process, and add your personal experience and screenshots to help the reader better understand the topic. For example, if you have a site that sells academic papers, your blog should contain posts like “How to write a marketing essay.” Such posts will help your potential customers.

2. Infographics

This kind of content is aimed at the visual perception of people. It helps to graphically display the necessary information and combines images and text. People easily grasp the information presented in the form of infographics, and therefore consider this content very useful.

Another advantage of infographics is the ability to get external links to your site. Create a high-quality and useful infographic and send it to information sites and blogs that are interested in your subject. It is highly likely that you will find sites that want to publish such valuable content and leave a link to the source.If you do not have the skills of a designer and cannot create an infographic from scratch, you can use ready-made templates on special resources (for example, Canva) and simply add the information you need to them.

3. Articles with lists

People adore lists. It can be absolutely any list; the main thing is that it meets the theme of the site and is interesting to the target audience. This is a very convenient format for the article. You can give your readers a lot of useful information that is beautifully formatted and easy to read. Articles of this type should have a catchy headline to attract the attention of the reader, as well as fully disclose the stated topic.

best content for your wordpress blog

4. TOP useful services for…

The selection of services depends on the subject of the site and the level of usefulness for your audience. These types of articles require research and the selection of high-quality services that will be effective for readers. It will take some time, but the result will be worth it. People love and appreciate this kind of content, and also actively share it on social networks.

5. Product or service reviews

A properly written review can give high traffic to a site. For example, it can be a format for comparing several products, brands, and services. By publishing a comparative description of several options, you give buyers the opportunity to choose the one that suits them best. In this way, you show that you care about your customers and want to sell products that will satisfy their needs.

Much depends on the area in which the company operates and on the subject of the blog. Such reviews may include positive aspects of the product and its disadvantages, reasons why you recommend a particular product, what distinguishes a particular manufacturer from its competitors, and much more.

Let’s sum up

To attract the attention of the audience and improve the behavioral factors on the site, it is necessary to fill it with a variety of content. The subject and format must meet the needs of potential customers. It is not necessary to fill the site with texts that are optimized by keywords. Google’s algorithms are set up so that resources that give valuable information to their users are in high positions. Make your site a useful resource for your potential customers and you will get great results!

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