What is Push Notification & Why You Need It!

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Push notification is a kind of message sent by the application to the users, when they are not using that application. The content in the message can be anything such as it can be about the event, update, offer and many more.

Since the mobile application’s market space has become highly competitive, many developers and development organizations have to deploy different marketing strategies in order to be in touch with maximum customers. This has led to the birth of Push Notification technique.



Learn More About Push Notification

Basically no application has the feature to send message to the users. In fact, the Push Notification Service plays a key role behind it. Different platforms feature different Notification services. For example, Apple supports Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) and Google supports Google Cloud Messaging (GCM). These notification services maintain the record of registered devices, i.e. the devices which the users have enabled to receive the notification.

During the installation of the applications, when the users select the option to receive the notification, then that app sends the request to the Notification Service. And, the notification service generates the unique token and propagates that token to that application, which is forwarded to the providers.


How Push Notification Works?

  1. At first, the owner of application forwards the messages with the details of registered devices and token to Notification service (APNS or GCM).

  1. The notification service checks whether the devices are registered or not.

  1. After checking, the notification service transmits that messages in the form of notification to the registered devices.


Benefits of Push Notification

Push Notification can be a source of consistent revenue generation for all the application owners. Through this, you can improve the sales and even strengthen the brand image in the mobile space. There are lots of other benefits of adopting this strategy that support the reasons why you should adopt this as early as possible. Let’s have a glimpse over the benefits:

  • Improves User’s Retention: As the application market is highly competitive, it is not easy to retain the customers for a long time. According to the data, generally most of the users uninstall the app with in the one month of the usage. Hence, for retaining the users, Push Notification plays a crucial information. Indeed, it has been found that more than 60% of the users open the apps in a first month of the installation through push notification. The push notification has doubled the chance that the users return to the apps.

  • Boosts More Sales: Through push notification, the e-commerce and other online businesses can share the information regarding the discounts and exclusive offers directly with their customers, so that they can avail those offers, which will work in terms of boosting the sales and revenue.

  • Increases User’s Engagement: The push notification empowers the application owners to target the audience at specific time that tends to boost the user’s engagement with the application.

  • Simplifies Application Updates: With the help of push notification, the application developers can approach the users to install the updated application. Suppose, there is a certain error in the application and the app developer fixes that error in the new version and wants the latest version to be distributed to the registered devices, then by using the Push Notification, the application providers can direct the users to install the advanced version of the app.

  • Better Than Email: Push notification is better than email service. Here the user’s engagement is higher as compared to email campaign. According to the study, it has been found that open rates of email is around 20%, while the open rates of push notification vary between 30% to 60%. This clearly shows that that effort in sending notification is not gets wasted because there are more chances that the notification will be read by the users.



In today’s mobile space, it is necessary for all the application providers to use the trending technique for engaging with the mobile users and boosting the sales. And, today Push notification is trending worldwide. Push Notification is like a channel that bridges a connection between the application provider and the users. It cannot ensure the user engagement for a long time. For this, application providers have to provide the valuable service or content to their users.

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