Why don’t you promote your music on Spotify yet?

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Sometimes people who are completely not connected with music do not understand how difficult it is for a beginner musician to attract attention and become really popular in our time. That this is a long, difficult process that not everyone is able to withstand and go through. It doesn’t end with writing a track and uploading it to a music service. This is much more. Let’s talk about why you should promote music Spotify.

Sometimes even dealing with the service is another problem, because first you need is to create a profile, fill it with information about yourself, so that listeners, after they go to your profile, can already learn something about you. When a person clicks on an artist and does not see information about him, then this artist will not be able to interest him in any way. The artist must fill in all the fields, compose playlists, add new tracks to them, leave links on social networks so that the listener can find you there and follow the updates.

An artist also needs to create his own personal brand, publish posts on social networks, communicate with listeners through them, and attract them with his personality. Now many people don’t just want to listen to music, they want to be closer to the performer, to know his history, what he now feels and how he lives. Thus, they will see the story in the song, under what circumstances it was written, what the author felt at that moment, how he lived. They want to go through difficulties with the artist, support him, inspire him, share joyful moments and all his experiences with him. In a sense, now being a musician is not just writing songs, but also communicating with the listener through them, showing yourself to him and building some kind of relationship with him.

And even this is not always enough. Sometimes you get stuck in one place and you just can’t do anything about it, no matter how hard you try. All that remains is to help yourself, to push yourself towards popularity, for example, you can promote music spotify to get yourself off the ground. As your number of subscribers grows, likes will increase accordingly, as will plays and monthly listeners. You will be added to more playlists, more and more users will find you there, statistics will improve and you will become more popular. In general, competent promotion is always necessary for an artist, otherwise he will stop taking everything out on himself. At first, you will be able to cope on your own, with the help of your social networks, hashtags, participation in events, but then you will have less and less time for this, and let’s be honest, such independent promotion is usually ineffective. The more popular you become, the less time you will spend, more building your personal brand, writing songs. Therefore, it is very important to trust the professionals and let them take care of your promotion.

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