Why You Should Start Validating Phone Numbers

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Capturing high-quality leads can be tricky. Even if you do everything right, you might not be able to reach your potential customers in the end, maybe just because of a simple mistake they made when filling out your lead form. This is where phone number validation comes in. It is an essential part of capturing correct contact data and preventing fraud.

The easiest way to validate phone numbers is by using a number lookup API. This tool will help you automate your verification process and keep your phone database clean. Manually calling every contact number and hoping the right person will pick up is now a thing of the past with the help of numlookupapi.com.

What is Numlookupapi, and why use it?

Numlookupapi.com is a worldwide phone number validation API. The tool helps you reach leads and customers in over 230 countries by validating their phone numbers through various reliable data providers and international carriers.

With numlookupapi, you can keep your database clean and secure fresh insights. The API helps you automate your phone number lookup and validation process and enables you to capture and focus on the good leads while keeping your registration forms spam-free and fighting fraud.

Automating time-consuming processes and capturing good leads are not the only big benefits companies gain from using a phone number lookup API. Other advantages include:

  • Assess risks
  • Prevent fraud
  • Block fake accounts
  • Increase acquisition
  • Improve contact rate
  • Offer enhances customer experience
  • Verify user intent
  • Reduce call and SMS delivery errors
  • Reduce customer friction
  • Determine validity and reachability


Numlookupapi is a JSON-based REST API that was built with a developer focus. The API offers a great user experience and stable design. Within minutes the tool is set up and quickly integrable into any application written in any programming language.

The straightforward design allows you to easily navigate your dashboard, requests, API keys, and documentation. The dashboard gives you an overview of performance metrics, like your number of requests, the success rate, the mean latency, your remaining requests, and more key performance indicators. In the Request Playground, you can define the endpoints and parameters for your requests.

Unlike other number validation tools, Numlookupapi is suitable for working in teams. The Europe-based API herby follows the highest safety and security standards.

Uptime and speed are important when integrating an API into a website or product. The API is ultra-fast, stable, and reliable, with an uptime of 99.99%. Great tools should fit every company, no matter the size or structure. Numlookupapi is fully customizable regarding desired output formats (.csv, .xml, and .json), number of requests, API Keys, and features.


If you are still on the fence about the tool, Numlookupapi has you covered! The API offers a free plan with 100 requests a month and one API key.

Should you exceed the free requests, numlookupapi makes upgrading (and of course downgrading) as effortless as possible. You can manage your plans in the app under “Subscription.”

The small plan starts at only $9.99 monthly; even cheaper if you choose a yearly plan. For this, you get 7,000 monthly requests without the restriction of a rate limit. Next to the small plan, there are two more predefined paid plans, as well as a custom plan that a team of professionals tailors specifically to your project.

The plan that works best for you, of course, depends on your project’s needs. If you are unsure what plan is right for you, the dedicated support team is happy to help you with any questions or requests.

Numlookupapi: Spam-Free, High-Quality Leads

Validating phone numbers manually is taking up too much valuable time you could instead spend winning over new customers. Automate your verification process with numlookupapi.com and elevate your business to the next level. Never worry about incorrect, low-quality leads again!

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