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Wix SEO Battle – Who Will Take Home $25K?

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A Wix SEO battle between Lovers and Haters worth $25k

I read a few times already that Wix websites do not rank that well in search engines. That their SEO capabilities are not as good as they should be.

Is that true? Do Wix websites really lack search engine optimization functionalities?

Or maybe that’s just people who never built a page with Wix yet talking about it?

Well, the 150 million users large web design and development platform is finally ready to find the real answer.

By hosting a contest between Wix SEO Lovers and Haters, they will keep everyone wonder no more, whether or not Wix websites are fully SEO compatible.

And the contest winner will take home a nice prize of $25k. On the other hand, the 2nd, the losing team, will receive $10k. And no, there will be no 3rd place.

The social media marketing wizard, Lukasz Zelezny, will pick two teams, Lovers and Haters, which will then compete against each other, by proving whose SEO skills are better.

In conclusion, the winner will be the team that ranks higher on Google for the query, “Wix SEO.”

Wix Lovers

The team will only use Wix platform and no 3rd-party plugins and apps. By the way, Wix, not long ago, released an updated version of their advanced SEO tools which help their users to optimize their pages for higher rankings in search engines.

Wix Haters

The Haters have complete freedom when it comes to building their website and search engine optimization. They can pick whatever platform they choose and whatever SEO tool they want for as long as it has nothing to do with Wix.

The Wix SEO Battle contest will take place over a period of six months. The official launch will be on June 26, 2019, and it will end on December 19, 2019, at 12:00 pm ET.

Notice: You have time until June 6 to enter.

Who can enter?

No matter if you are a freelancer, a consultant or an agency, you have the opportunity to enter the Wix SEO Battle comp. After June 6, Lukasz will choose two agencies based on their online presence, Google rankings, reviews and years in the business.

When filling out the form, you choose which side are you on – Lovers or Haters – and provide additional information about your agency.

Once the competition begins, Wix will keep the official SEO Battle website updated weekly. This will surely be hot stuff for the next six months.

More on WIX SEO

The latest search engine optimization update is a full-blown solution to get your websites ranked higher in Google and other search engines. Get as much organic traffic juice as possible and take your blog, online business or any other project to an entirely new degree.

wix advanced seo

The advanced SEO features that Wix gives access to cover everything from custom meta tags, 301 redirects, canonical URLs, editing page information for social sharing and loads more in between.

Additionally, Wix also has all the basic search engine optimization tools, like fast loading speed, mobile-readiness, instant Google indexing, XML sitemap and robots.txt file to name a few.

What’s best, with Wix SEO tools, you do not really need to be a marketing expert to know how to optimize your website. It is a perfect solution for both utter beginners, as well as advanced users.


Do not forget to register your SEO agency or freelancing business by the end of June 6 and unlock yourself the opportunity of winning $25k.


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