writing tips to improve wordpress website navigation structure

8 Quick Writing Tips To Improve WordPress Website Navigation Structure

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Website navigation comprises of the various web links that form the skeleton of the internal link structure. These links are essential in the connection of page to page within a website. The principal objective of interior link architecture is to improve the retrieval rate of things sought by users on the various sites.

Search engines depend much on website navigation structure to realize and sort new pages in order of the clicks. Good link setups optimize the functions of search engines in articulating the information in the page currently open. The links also play a significant role in the contextualization of the intended route of a page and coherent relations with the various pages on site.

An excellent website navigation structure increases the activities of the various task, improving search engine optimization. It also improves the efficiency of a marketing organization possessing the services of an advanced WordPress Website Navigation Structure. New users get it easy to retrieve documents and files from desired sites in a website with excellent navigation techniques. The result of a suitable navigation structure is that it attracts a large number of visitors to the site. Greater visibility search is enhanced, and there is a decrease in time acquisition for intended documents.

Best website navigation practices make the user enjoy browsing your site. The following tips are essential for the improvement of a WordPress Website Navigation Structure.

1. Prioritize on Satisfying Your Users

The most important objective of a website navigation structure is to prioritize the needs of the intended user. Navigation capabilities must be made easy for users. Statistics show that 88% of online users are less likely to go back to a website after a bad experience. For this reason, focus on capitalizing on the efficiency of search engines.
Various age groups react differently to different layouts and aesthetics. Therefore, if your target audience differs in age, make sure that you find ways of how you can customize the content of your site for each age group.

2.Cross-Linking of Content Sites

Cross-linking of content sites contain many subtitles discussed below;

Navigation of Content Hierarchy
The existence of content hierarchy in a website is to make it easy to access desired topics in a short span of time. The user enjoys effortless episodes of content retrieval. Accessibility of content is critical, more so when you are dealing with a large number of materials within a specific website.

A typical example of the content hierarchy is witnessed even in real life scenarios. Many hard copy textbooks contain massive pieces of information. If one has the desired page, they use the table of contents to enhance the accessibility of the page. A book with copious amounts of data without a table of contents poses a problematic user experience in accessing the desired page. If you go to a supermarket, there are many items displayed on the shelf for potential customers. When a specific issue is in want, one looks at the labels and directives present in the building to shorten the time spent in looking for the desired item. Imagine a supermarket without tags. Such a supermarket presents with a chaotic experience of the customers. The tag scenario is the concept used by content hierarchies on the various websites.

Content hierarchy put pages in various compartments and makes it easier to access. Placing documents into many compartments enhances the suitability of content grouping into general classification and specific classification. The user has a clear guide of what to expect in the website.

Deficiencies of Content Hierarchies
Placement of content in many different compartments poses a risk of opening many internal and external links, especially when looking for specific information. The links that pop up as you continuously click the different pages looking for specifics create massive online traffic and present many documents to read. It takes time to narrow down to what you intended to read.

Create an organized cross-link that simplifies content access by a user. Avoid complex cross-links that are likely to make the user get lost.

3.Blogs and Products

blogs and products
Blogs and products are essential to marketing companies. Businesses commonly use websites to market and advertise their products. Comprehensive website navigation architecture is critical to capture the attention of potential online customers. Many Customers prefer marketing websites that are effortless to access. Professional knowledge of good website navigation creation makes it easy for the company to display their products in the various site and blog platforms.

Blogs are specific in the control of increased online traffic and giving directives to a particular product page. Many companies forget to include blogs in their products. The failure to incorporate product pages to their correlated blog makes it difficult for users to be satisfied with the product advertisement. The result is a decline in the purchase of the products from potential clients.

Make use of horizontal links as they are the standard links used for fast accessibility of products or services of a given marketing outlet. Do not forget to improve the operation of the search engine optimization.
The correlation between product pages and the marketing page content should also be close to increasing the efficiency and experience of user accessibility.

4. JavaScript Link

javascript link
These are excellent links that are essential in website navigation architecture. Due to the advancement of the JavaScript links, many websites find it difficult to incorporate them into their systems. The JavaScript problems explain their occasional use in different sites. Despite the efforts of Google’s acquisition of JavaScript technique in the recent years, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals are unable to access the written documents within the JavaScript Links. SEO is the best shot because other search engines are incapable of accessing any script with JavaScript links. When SEO is unable to obtain JavaScript written links, then the information is likely to get lost.

There is a big debate on the logic behind using JavaScript links as a means of website navigation technique. Most SEO professionals view its use as impractical. Some SEO specialists do not use the JavaScript link technique at all. Contrary to many SEO experts, seasoned website specialists feel that the JavaScript Link technique is an essential ingredient to the viewers. Needless to say, as the research continues, there is a point of comprising when it comes to the use of JavaScript link discussion to both SEO and Web experts.

JavaScript commands the ability to showcase and disguise other contents of the page not used without interfering with the actual page. In the event of this happening, the overall content is pre-loaded to the initial page.

The solution to the JavaScript inaccessibility by many websites is the use of Angular JS, an open source structural framework for web apps. It helps in solving the challenges facing the development of single page apps.

5. Trackers

Usability Professionals and experts, who convert optimums, locate their clients in many diverse techniques. The techniques involve the use of trackers in URLs within the new site. Tracking users poses a development of duplication of content with similar information. The tracking device clicks varying links of the same material as the user resulting in the mentioned duplication. There are many ways to solve the repetition.

Avoidance of tracker usage in the URL parameters helps greatly. The alternative used is a JavaScript event handler that locates the users without causing a duplication effect. Combination of Google Analytics and the JavaScript event handle produce a good result with no duplication outcome.

6. Link Priority

link priority
A web page may contain many different links with the same URL properties. The search engine functionality is affected because it is in a state of dilemma. The decline in search engine functionality causes one link to be graded crucially as the remaining links are graded less critical because of repetition perception. The disregard of other relationships and focus on the first link is called First Link Priority. Many organizations are in denial of the occurrence of a first link priority. We are yet to see an SEO expert do some analysis and come up with a comprehensive result of the first link priority link effect.
Many events take place during an occurrence of first link priority. These events include:

SEO complications
The primary complications happening are the pop-ups of Top-bar Navigation and left sidebar. The main contents are delayed and displayed later. Navigational components on the top-bar and went sidebar menus contain short anchor texts. The list is less focused on keywords and concentrates more on the design of the book.
The main content is implicative as the texts are more keyword focused and less attention on the design of the book. The documents are lengthy and anchor version specific. The anchor text specific is what increases the concentration on the keywords with less attention to the design of the book. The SEO ignore the anchor text complications because of the first link priority.

Main Content Issues
Prioritization of the primary content display is on the top list of code order. CSS is used to control the direction and dump the effects of first link priority on Top-bar Navigation and Left sidebar menus. CSS ensures that the bars are loading the primary content display. Top bar navigation problem is always solved and controlled by absolute positioning.

7. Overwhelming Website Navigation

overwhelming website navigation
Huge websites containing thousands to millions of pages present an extensive website navigation problem. XML sitemap always assists in the arrangement of the pages in the order of the clicks, but it’s still overcome because of the absence of cross-links that relate a page to other pages. Therefore, the distance between one page and another is substantial.

Customers viewing big business sites always experience a difficulty. They are unable to identify the links of product pages from those of the marketing advertising pages. There is severe rationing of connections because the web navigator tries to prioritize what to portray and what to ignore. Other emerging issues also present with priority link challenge and JavaScript link problems. Unfortunately, they go unnoticed because of the large numbers of pages. A good website navigation structure sorts the challenge of large websites by:

Large sites are in association with large marketing agencies. The massive marketing agencies contain many employees. Placing and dividing employees into various department managing different sections of the website sorts the problem of the whole website blackout.

Employees in the different sections must follow the practices and principles of SEO tools to maximize the whole website functions.

Installation of different tracking tools identifies challenges encountered by large website real-time. Once the problems occur, tackling is carried out by the automation procedures of troubleshooting and barely goes unnoticed.

Phased Approach
Large websites face a lack of large enough teams to monitor and distribute the work of optimizing pages. In such scenarios, a good website navigation programmer creates a tool to manage the deficits. When the built machines are overwhelmed, start using the phased approach. A phased approach is the method of using optimization schedules in each section at a time. It is time engaging because of the day to day approach. The phased approach takes a long time to complete because of allocation of the schedule to each section. Imagine a website with large sub-sections. Sorting out the problems faced may take days to weeks. Fortunately, there are metrics like organic search traffic that help to prioritize what to start. The parameters arrange from the most important to the least important.

8. Right Choice of a Theme

right choice of a wordpress theme
Great navigation relies heavily on the WordPress theme that you choose for the blog. Theme selection profoundly determines the outcome of the website navigation properties. There are many themes to choose from, ranging from hundreds to thousands. When it decides to make an unusual navigation structure, only a few fit in the criterion of producing a website navigate with sterling performance properties.

Going to the details of the various themes, they range from traditional to modern website designs. Some also vary from text to visually based ideas. Most resemble portraits of photos and blogs with fewer writings. Other theme templates resemble magazines or news headline sites with many thumbnails scattered variably to different parts of the web page.

Contrary to many people’s expectations, these themes with varying enticements are impractical and possess little to no functionality and fewer navigation properties. Most themes functionalities bear an utmost resemblance. The items function similarly. The themes show recent content with maximum clarity, but the older content visibility is fuzzy. If someone is interested in the older material, a search box has to be incorporated.

The only thing that differentiates one theme from another is the navigation prowess. A new user can view a list of categories that they intend and able to browse without explicitly using the search box. Navigation is an area of a page bearing links to different topics, tags, and categories. The links are clicked and give a clear directive what the user should expect. Navigation enhances the accessibility of a file, document or topic.

Bonus Tip: Wide Coverage of Navigation

Most site engines use the “persistent site-wide navigation’ concept. The concept entails surety of same navigation properties to pages opened so that the user is not confused. The number one search engine is Google. Using Google as your search engine improves your navigation architecture.

Users must always be alert whenever using a powerful search engine like Google. Google preferences vary, and only an attentive user can use the different choices to discover the desired article quickly. The Google search engine components contain an English subtitle from the top of the page to the bottom of the page. At the bottom of the page, it has columns leading you to next pages with similar topics. A choice of a good search engine maximizes the website navigation properties.


Well-organized website navigation is of utmost significance to all users. It improves the operations of a search engine optimization and contributes to the general aesthetic of the website.

The bottom line message from this article is:
I. Prioritize on satisfying your user: Good website navigation has immense attributes of satisfying their users. Optimize the SEO performance and experience uninterrupted retrieval of online documents.

II. Cross-linking of content sites enables reliable access to related pages. Content hierarchy is also of utmost significance. Content hierarchy places documents in different compartments. The content hierarchy enhances the accessibility of various papers. The content hierarchy has limitations. When all the files are in open view on a website, the cross-links loss is high posing a difficulty in articulating pages with close relations.

III. Blogs and products of marketing agencies are on display on the website. A link with a close relationship between a product page and a blog containing the marketing list of products improve the experience of customers by directing them straight to the product.

IV. Trackers are good to locate users and identify their needs urgently. Good trackers should not open a different link with similar contents. The various connections will reduce the performance of the SEO.

V. JavaScript Links enhance the experience of the users. Good Website navigators must contain JavaScript Links.

VI. Link priorities are limiting condition by specific search engines that concentrate on the primary content display.

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