4 Effective Ways To Scale Enterprise Tech Business Operations

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Scaling enterprise business operations is definitely a great thing to check off the CEO’s to-do list. You sign more clients, develop more software technology, and you get closer to valuation and going public. These are all great things. However, scaling an enterprise tech business is no easy task.

When you first got big, scaling was a bit easier. Your tech was outpacing your competitors at the time, and operations didn’t need to be as big as it probably is now. But when scaling enterprise operations, the resources and tasks at hand are pretty big.

You need to hire more employees, build out operations processes effectively, and find the manager to maintain the management requirements you need and expect. Growth in the form of “at scale” can be challenging. The amount of time and effort you and your executives will need to put in will test your business fortitude.

Scaling Can Happen But Know What Scaling Means

The good news is that it can be less challenging to scale if you have a few effective tips and tricks at the forefront. Many of which are tech-based. Which is good for a tech enterprise business. Hallmarks of scaling include:

  • Multiple streams of income coming in
  • A revenue source that can be predicted and projected per quarter
  • A form of subscription-based business
  • High customer/client retention
  • Value-added via products and/or services

Scaling via technology, however, needs to be done methodically. For instance, a Helm repository in JFrog Artifactory serves up enterprise-ready solutions. These solutions deliver stability and reliability when it comes to accommodating a large number of servers, interactions, and of course, users.

When not done right, scaling can prove costly. Tim Ferriss noted some scaling drawbacks in an Entrepreneur article excerpt, “Not only will you give up equity (and therefore control over your business), but you’ll feel more pressure because of the expectation to deliver. It’s why you pay a very high price for the cash that you secure — especially when you consider the other options that you have.”

The following four tips and tricks to scale your enterprise tech business operations may prove useful. Let’s dive in!

1. You have to want it

Most business owners begin with an idea of what they want their business to grow into. For owners of enterprise companies, this growth idea has probably already been surpassed. You have taken your startup to an enterprise company, and you have most likely surpassed your business goals.

But, to stay relevant in your space of the tech industry, you may need to scale further than you thought prior. And this means that you must want to scale because scaling your enterprise tech business is a big endeavor. If you don’t want to scale, it may be time to formulate an exit strategy.

2. Develop a fresh competitive strategy

Your enterprise tech business has probably gone through quite a few changes in a very short amount of time. Remember that first business plan that detailed your competitive edge? Well, it may be time to rethink it in order to scale effectively. This may seem challenging, and it is.

Sometimes scaling when your an enterprise company means redefining an aspect of your industry niche. Think about the software and services you can implement to gain a competitive edge at a higher, more fast-paced level. This can make scaling easier. And technology is your friend since automation can give you the edge you’re looking for.

3. Automate as much as possible

Automation is the key behind scaling, and some of the top enterprise tech companies know this all too well. Why is automation the secret to unlocking scaling potential? To scale a business, regardless of how large it is, you need to automate processes via technology like artificial intelligence (AI), or machine learning.

Doing so reduces human costs, and streamlines processes due to the maximized efficiency and productivity. For instance, instead of hiring a large team of customer support agents to field calls and online chat messages, you can enlist chatbots. And when an issue is raised beyond a chatbot’s ability, it can be sent to a human support expert.

Wrapping Up . . .

The above effective ways to scale your enterprise tech business operations are certainly effective. However, they are not the be-all, end-all to scaling your company. There are plenty of other considerations to take into account. But mainly, you need to want to scale, or else the process may not work out as planned. What scaling tips and tricks have worked for you? We want to hear from them.

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