7 Best 3PL Software of 2022

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If you own or work in a 3PL company, you are responsible for fulfilling your clients’ logistical needs. Therefore, you need to provide the best tech-enabled 3PL solutions to ensure safe and quick delivery of products. Hence you should know about the best 3PL software of 2022 to facilitate all the logistical operations. It begins with giving quotes automatically, booking orders, processing them, real-time tracking of products, among others, until delivery to the destinations. You can develop the business with 100% client satisfaction, and only the best 3PL software is essential.

So, check out the tips to choose the best 3PL software among the many available to provide the best customer experience for growing your business beyond expectations.

What is 3PL software?

Many companies outsource their logistical needs to 3PL or third-party logistics. Their biggest concern is the safety of the products and their timely delivery. Since 3PL companies use the best software, even most Fortune 100 companies in the US use their best 3PL solutions. It automates most of the logistic process from when the clients place their orders until the products get delivered safely and quickly. There is much 3PL software like TMS or transportation management software, WMS or warehouse management system, business logistics software, and supply chain software. Also, there are on-premises and cloud-based software as per the needs and budget. Other clients entrust the 3PL companies with their valuable products and their reputation for timely delivery. Hence even a tiny glitch in the logistical operations may spoil the trust and the business. So, it is essential to know the tips to choose the best 3PL software.

Tips for choosing the best 3PL software

The best 3PL software should automate and streamline the processes and manage the inventory to improve the clients’ business. Hence utmost care and concern are essential to choosing the right software as it could make or break your logistic business. Only they could provide the best 3PL solutions for developing your business to new heights. The following tips will help you to choose the best 3PL software.

  • Check if the software uses up-to-date technology advancements to automate most of the processes for facilitating them to give the best customer satisfaction.
  • Verify for the scalable functionality of the software to cater to the growing business needs as more companies are not outsourcing their logistical needs and the rapid rise of ecommerce business
  • Check for the compliance facilities for following all the regulatory requirements like taxes label information, among others.
  • Verify if the software manages order fulfillment and inventory for multiple clients and manage multiple divisions within one 3PL company
  • Check if the software provides billing 3PL solutions as it is essential for ensuring all the invoices for storage, shipping, packaging, and other services are paid without any delay or defaults.
  • Verify if there are customized dashboards for even the clients to view their product information using their browser
  • Check if the software integrates with any existing software like ERP or enterprise resource planning, CRM, or customer relationship management, among others.

7 Best 3PL Software of 2022

The following are the 7 best 3PL software of 2022, each with unique features and functionalities for choosing the right one.

  1. Logimax is a WMS built on IBMi platform for multi-customer warehouse businesses and 3PL companies available as both on-premises and cloud-based to be best for cold storage and integrates well with others
  2. A fishbowl is a hybrid software offering warehouse management and manufacturing solutions for medium and small companies for inventory management, MRP or material requirement planning, and others
  3. Excalibur WMS is customizable for various business types like hazmat cold storage, among others
  4. JDA Software is a cloud-based SCM or supply chain management software for big companies automating most of the SCM operations
  5. Trimble TMS integrates with ERP to facilitate bulk carriers and 3PL companies for providing a transport management system
  6. Syntelic is the best WMS software with flexible and complete warehousing solutions and planning systems
  7. expert offers configurable solutions combined with ERPs for creating adaptable and powerful SCM

The above tips and seven best 3PL software for 2022 will help you choose the best to offer excellent 3PL solutions to boost your business to new heights.

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