Impact of professional and relevant photographies on web design

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Photographies can tell the story of life like nothing else. They are an excellent source to define previous life events, a special emotion or to highlight special moments of life. If these photographies are professionally taken and are used by a professional web designer, they can truly change and improve results of the web design. Crisp, sharp, mild, contrasting, merging, highlighting and cover photographs are being used by different web owners to give their websites a picture-perfect touch.

There is nothing more beneficial to a web design than professionally taken and perfectly added photographs. However, while dealing with photographic websites one must keep in mind the confusing nature of adding photographs. If photographs can increase the visibility and viewership of your website, they can also ruin your leads completely if misplaced or taken by an immature artist. Keeping in mind this perplex situation, it is recommended to hire web designers or professional web designer services to get picture perfect results.

A Picture-Perfect Web Design for Your Content Driven Website

It has been proved through research and online surveys that photographs capture visitors’ attention more than the text. Professional web designers suggest that professionally taken photographs can enhance user experience. They are ideal especially for those websites who fail to achieve their targeted goals despite of all the efforts.

How to Design a Picture-Perfect Web Design

There are few simple rules that should be kept in mind. First of all is simplicity. Whether you are running a website for cosmetics or rugs you must keep things simple. Following mistakes can ruin your web design:

  • exaggerated text
  • bolds and italics introduced more often than not
  • Use of obnoxious text or images
  • Photographs not relevant to the content text.

Professional and Relevant Photographs

When you are choosing photographies for using in the content make sure that they are related to the niche. For example if you are selling rugs and the photographies displayed portray garden or terrace, they would be of no use. Instead, the perfect photographies would be of interior settings and how rugs can enhance beauty of home as well as commercial properties. The photos that you use on your website should represent the particular brand and type of business. Irrelevant photos will do more harm than good.

Moreover, the photographies should be professional and taken by a professional photographer. A professional photographer can understand what kind of photos are suitable for your business. Minute details like exposure, expressions, contrast and sharpness are ingredients for a picture-perfect website design.

Edit Your Images

When you hire a web designer, he will suggest you which type of photographies should be executed in the content and where they should be executed. However, before incorporating photos into the text and putting them live, it is necessary to check the contrast, dimensions, editing and final copy of photographs.


Contrasting is an important tool to enhance and optimize certain parts of a photograph. The technique usually works by providing a lighter background, darker image and vice versa. It can help you draw attention of the viewers to the striking part of the photograph.


Width and height of a photograph (dimensions) play an important role in HTML markup. 400-500 pixels are most suitable, bigger pixels will look great on newer browsers however they will generate a bad impact on an old browser.

Commercial websites like that of food, beauty products, furniture, interior decoration should use more pronounced, vibrant and full sized images. Images that capture whole screen can captivate the visitor like nothing else. However, it should be well maintained that the photographs are perfectly placed, following the professional guidelines described above.

Photo used as a background is also a very important tool to distinguish a professional website from an ordinary one. Take for example yahoo and NASA websites. Both these websites have brilliantly carved huge images as background of their websites.


Photoshop helps you achieve all the desired editing without much hassle. The best option is to hire professional web designer services and then ask them to suggest which editing will be best for your website.

Final Copy of the Photographs

For a professional and picture-perfect website it is necessary that the images that you use should be professional and according to the demands of your website design. Therefore, before uploading your images on the website thoroughly check final copy of the photographs and make last minute adjustments if needed.

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