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Differences between companies that do business online and those that are ordinary are almost gone. Today, all companies must also be e-companies. Companies without websites are considered old fashioned. Online presence is essential for a professional appearance of a company.

So, what would therefore be a good website? First and foremost, the visitors have to feel, that they came to the right place. The frontage mustn’t be too abstract and poetic, but direct and concrete. It must be clear and straightforward what the company is offering and selling. The text must be written without mistakes and the images must be in good quality and easy to understand. Another important thing is the appearance of the website. The design of your webpage must be clean and easy to navigate. It must be in sync with the company logo and the rest of the companies’ graphics.

The third and the most important aspect of a website is its content. Provide valuable and visual information to your visitors, not just lots of data. You need good, fresh, credible and informative content. All the content on the website should be well-written. And it must be unique.

Another important factor to a successful website is the technology. The website must be without code errors and it has to open up as quickly as possible. The server your site is hosted on must be reliable and fast. Programmers also must follow search engine optimization guidelines, so your website ranks as high as possible on Google and other search engines. If your site is among the top sites in the search engine results page you will get more visitors and potential customers.

In recent times the explosion of social networking has changed the way we interact and communicate with our friends and family. So companies have to adapt to the changes and have a presence on these networks. Social networking increases a company’s trustworthiness and provides a great opportunity to interact with customers.

So in conclusion, to have a successful website the three most important things are: fresh content, clean website design and social interaction.

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